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Runa Bouius

Fractional Leadership Officer & Executive Coach

Rúna works on the vanguard of the new-business-paradigm thinking, the future of leadership in the workplace, and the development of the new leader.

Los Angeles, CA


Lori Schwebel

Fractional Chief Customer Relationship Officer

Lori implements innovative marketing approaches that enhance sales and engagement while satisfying compliance, security, and privacy requirements.

Milwaukee, WI


Virginie Glaenzer

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Executive Officer

Fractional Web3 CMO Virginie leverages her skills to develop and champion a truly inclusive environment where teams thrive and bring their authentic selves to spark innovation and market growth.

Washington, DC


Sonia Cook Broen

Fractional Chief Technologist Officer

As a Fractional Technologist Officer, Sonia is passionate about leading teams creating beautiful user experience using her artistic and creative talents.

Portland, ME


Ryann Greve

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

As a fractional CMO, Ryann is a marketing game changer, having pioneered and revamped brands, go-to-market strategies and marketing functions several times in her career.

Milwaukee, IL


Mindy Anderson

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

With over 20 years of brand and digital marketing leadership experience with worldwide iconic brands, Mindy has a passion for working on big, challenging problems and finding creative solutions that reach people in an authentic and personal way.

Dillsburg, PA


Anushree Mallick

Fractional Chief Operating Officer and Chief Finance Officer

Anushree is a seasoned leader in finance and operations, with a proven track record of driving organizational success through efficient financial and strategic planning, implementing effective day-to-day operations, and identifying opportunities for growth and performance optimization.

Manhattan, NY


Hope Garcia

Fractional Chief Business Development Officer

With a unique blend of psychology and law knowledge, Hope Garcia is an impact-driven leader who seamlessly blends tactical and logical thinking with empathy and meaning, creating an ally-like relationship with teams to achieve business goals.

Los Angeles, CA


Susan Willig

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Susan Willig, a seasoned marketing professional with over 30 years of experience in healthcare and digital innovation, is a trailblazing brand strategist. Her areas of expertise encompass the development of influential marketing strategies, programs, and teams, as well as proficiency in digital, omnichannel marketing and business strategy.

Laguna Beach, CA


Kristyan Mjolsnes

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Kristyan is a dynamic and accomplished leader, fueled by a relentless passion, who excels at spearheading B2B marketing and business development initiatives to conquer corporate objectives. With a powerful fusion of strategy and creativity, she sparks brand awareness, cultivates loyalty and trust, and blazes a trail of action through engaging marketing.

Eden Prairie, MN


Carolyn Wagner

Fractional Chief Creative Officer

A fractional chief creative officer, design director, and brand expert, with expertise in campaign strategy and integrated storytelling with over 25 years of experience, Carolyn Wagner is an award-winning creative and media producer who has elevated organizations globally.

Boulder, CO


Dasha Tyshlek

Fractional Chief Strategy and Growth Officer

As a Fractional Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, Dasha serves as a force multiplier for growing tech teams, leveraging her expertise to drive strategic initiatives and maximize their growth potential.

Jacksonville, FL


Lisa Schenk, Ph.D.

Fractional Chief People & Talent Officer

Lisa's 20+ years of experience empower hundreds of teams and thousands of leaders and companies to succeed. She excels in alignment, interpersonal dynamics, and effective processes for impressive results and continuous growth. Embrace the opportunity to collaborate with her for a successful journey.

Altadena, California


Kruti Lehenbauer, PhD

Fractional Chief Data Analytics Officer

With a diverse career spanning over two decades, Dr. Kruti Lehenbauer stands as a true multi-faceted leader. Her expertise traverses the realms of economics, risk-modeling, management leadership, and quantitative analysis, all while maintaining an unwavering focus on innovation.

San Antonio, Texas


Laura Woolford

Fractional Chief People Officer

Elevate your business with Laura Woolford, a distinguished Chief People Officer. With an impressive HR leadership journey spanning GoDaddy, Tesla, and GE, Laura specializes in Leadership Development, Coaching, and Organizational Effectiveness.

Austin, Texas


Lica Patterson

Fractional Chief Information Governance & Change Management Officer

For over 19 years, Lica has been at the forefront of organizations' efforts to enhance their business operations through technology, leading a multitude of seven-figure technology projects across crucial IT functions.

Jacksonville, Florida


Carol Fraser

Fractional Chief Human Resource Officer

With 20+ years of experience, Carol Fraser, a CHRO, and Certified Coach is dedicated to fostering collaborative, customer-centric, and inclusive organizations. As a Fractional CHRO, she optimizes workforce planning, performance management, and total rewards, driving business success, while offering expert-level HR services and coaching, empowering professionals to elevate their careers.

New York, NY


Ann Clifford

Fractional Chief Recruiting Officer

Ann Clifford is a recruitment innovator, transforming the hiring landscape with the dynamic Tiger Eye Hiring Process, passionately dedicated to elevating Sales, Engineering, and Operations talent.

Naples, Florida


Ariana Smetana

Fractional Chief AI & Innovation Officer

Ariana is a transformative leader in technology advisory, expertly merging C-level knowledge with cutting-edge digital & AI trends and applications. Her strategic approach revolutionizes business operations, driving efficiency and innovation. Ariana is the ideal partner and advisor for CEOs seeking to lead in the upcoming AI era.

Houston, Texas


Nishat Jones

Chief Fractional Marketing Officer

Nishat Jones is a seasoned Global Marketing & Strategy Executive and Fractional CMO, renowned for her strategic thinking, team leadership, and proven success in driving growth and profitability through innovative marketing strategies and digital transformation.

Houston, Texas


Susanne Mueller

Fractional Chief Leadership Coaching Officer

Susanne, a Swiss-born global influencer and fractional Chief Leadership Coaching Officer, masterfully combines her athletic prowess and diverse professional skills into a unique life philosophy.

New York, NY


Angela Darilis

Chief Fractional Talent Officer

Angela Darilis brings over 25 years of experience in the talent landscape, driving sustained organizational growth and success by helping companies shape and elevate strategic talent acquisition, workforce planning, and organizational development.

New York, NY


Kelly Olson

Fractional Chief Customer Officer

Kelly is a seasoned Fractional Chief Customer Officer and leader, known for pioneering customer success strategies in SaaS and agency settings, driving retention and growth with a strategic, empathetic approach honed over two decades.

Austin, Texas


Tatiana Dudyez

Fractional Chief Transformation Officer & CEO’s Chief Of Staff

Tatiana Dudyez, visionary consultant at the nexus of Luxury, Wealth, and Female Entrepreneurship, advises CEO-Founders on adopting wealth blueprints, purpose-driven cultures, and regenerative success models to build thriving, sovereign, sustainable futures through her 25+ years of pioneering experience.


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The World is Changing: Hire Differently 

By tapping into the on-demand economy with AcornOak, you are addressing gender diversity and staying on the cutting edge of competition at the same time.​


Join us in our mission to change the future of work for women of experience. Exec-level gender-diverse companies are 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability.​

First and foremost, we see ourselves as a community of co-creators with leaders and organizations driven by a desire to build trustworthy, artful, and evolving businesses. Our team allows you to stay focused while bringing a fresh set of eyes to your marketing and business plan so you can access target markets faster and at lower acquisition costs. ​

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