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Dasha Tyshlek

Fractional Strategy & Growth Officer

Throughout her experience, Dasha has collaborated closely with numerous CEOs and founders, helping them bring their visions to life through strategic planning, implementing new processes, and coaching executives to achieve success. 

Her exceptional technical expertise and adeptness in forging complex multi-company partnerships have established her as a recognized leader in the space and satellite industry.

With a strong passion for technology and a problem-solving mindset, Dasha pursued Engineering at the University of Virginia, laying the foundation for a dynamic career marked by building teams, transforming companies, and introducing cutting-edge technologies.

Dasha Tyshlek

Extraordinary leaders pivot their businesses

in response to adversity 

by galvanizing their team around a new mission 

while staying flexible, methodical, and courageous. 


As a strategy and planning leader, Dasha excels at keeping a company focused and purposeful as she moves them towards achieving their growth goals.

She brings strategy, structure, and discipline to all the work around her but stays flexible and agile, ready to react to changes and iterate quickly.  She applies her methodical engineering mindset to design efficient, sensible processes and program plans and her artist-like creativity to develop innovative and elegant solutions to strategic problems.


Most importantly she brings her enthusiasm and coaching leadership style and ignites the people around her to perform at their best.



The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Satellite Engineering Course


 University of Virginia

B.S. Engineering Science




Team leader and Director of Business Development & Program Management 


Bridgewater Associates

Office of the CEO, Senior Program Manager.


Growth Strategy

Organizational Transformation

Translating Objectives into Action Plans

Core Competency


Dasha will bridge the gap between your desired company vision, goals, and current state by formulating practical strategies and plans that pave the way for accomplishing your objectives.

Champion of Priorities

Dasha fuels the team's enthusiasm, propelling them towards company goals while empowering them to overcome challenges through positive thinking, reinforcement, and creative solutions, ensuring unwavering focus on the overarching objectives.

Talent Cultivator

Dasha consistently serves as a coach and mentor to her team, inspiring them to unleash their utmost intellect, passion, and creativity.




Dasha managed teams from 5 to 15 people and has overseen cross-departmental work in organizations of up to 1,000 people. 



Dasha worked with 10 Founders and CEOs leading their highest-priority projects and enacting their vision for company growth and transformation. 



Strategy Design, Strategic Planning, Strategy Analytics & Reporting, Program Management, Marketing Strategy, Content & Communications, Customer Experience Design, Process Development, Enterprise Software Implementation, Relationship & Partnership Development, Training and Change Management, Executive Coaching, Strategy Execution.



Automotive,  Healthcare, Medical Devices, Space & Satellite, Communications, Defense, Aerospace, Internet of Things, Supply Chain & Logistics, Advanced Manufacturing.


Thought Leadership

White Sheet

Happy Clients

What they're saying

"Dasha is one of the most enthusiastic and intelligent people I have met. She has an uncanny ability to be think as an engineer, but also as a strategic operations and brand management expert. The ability to work from both hemispheres of the brain means that she can articulate intention and action with clarity whether she is speaking to CEO's, Engineers, Scientists or creatives in Marketing and Advertising.

She plays an important role in understanding how to move a company from where it "is" to where it is "going" managing multiple projects at once. As a self-directed leader, she helped organize and move several brands forward under the Micro-Ant group of companies. As the new leader at Strat-Craft she is an excellent choice to bring in for strategic planning, measurement and growth. We will be working with her team with our own clients at the Felice Agency."

Tony Felice

President and Chief Artist & Strategist

"Ms. Tyshlek can bring organization and process to even the most chaotic of situations.


She is an expert strategist, competent program manager, and possesses business development/market skills that would be expected of someone having many more years of experience."

Charles McCarrick

President and Chief Scientist 

"In the 3 years that I have worked with Dasha Tyshlek, I have been consistently impressed with her drive, passion, intelligence and ability to bring out the best in others. Dasha is a force mulitplyer and will increase the value and productivity of any operation in which she participates. Dasha is Incredible!

Dasha Tyshlek was the Engineering Manager at MicroAnt when I first began work with her late in 2000, and she moved up to Head of BD at MicroAnt during the time that we have worked together. In her respective roles, Dasha has showne genuine care for our success as a business partner, much better than average customer focus, and she has presented unique solutions to our problems. Dasha is AMAZING to work with."

Woody Scott

Program Manager

Dasha Tyshlek 

Welcome to a leadership series "A day in the life of a fractional executive". As Fractional executives, our days are dynamic, filled with challenges, but ultimately rewarding when we see our strategies come to life and drive success for our clients.

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