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Leadership ACCESS

ACCESS is a business and career accelerator for aspiring women executives, providing essential tools, knowledge, and connections to advance their careers and uplift their companies.

Empowering Women in Leadership

Lead Smarter, Grow Faster 


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Welcome to Leadership ACCESS

Empowering Aspiring Female Executives

At AcornOak, we're combining our community extraordinary skills of fractional executive women to create a unique and unparalleled program.


While coaching and Advising are common in the industry, our goal is to innovate and introduce a unique offering for today's economy. 

Leadership ACCESS is ideal for:

Whether you're an established executive or a Director aiming for the C-Suite looking to expand your horizons, our program is tailored to support your journey to the top.

Leadership ACCESS is an exclusive advising and development program designed specifically for women in leadership. Our program focuses on fostering the growth and advancement of women in the corporate world.

1. BrainTrust Advising

Members receive 3 hours of personalized advising and consulting each month from 3 fractionals. These three one-on-one sessions with AcornOak Fractional women provide expert guidance, focusing on individual career development as well as business strategic advice.

2. Strategic Leadership Toolkit

Members access a comprehensive suite of Executive Templates and Strategy Guides, essential tools for enhancing their strategic thinking and leadership capabilities.

3. Monthly CXO Masterclass Series

Members engage in exclusive webinars and workshops led by seasoned CXOs to emphasize advanced and exclusive learning experiences in critical business areas. 



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Dare to lead differently. 

Fractional Advisors provide essential perspectives  and meaningful feedback for professionals. As your business grows and faces unpredictable challenges, forming a tight-knit circle of trusted experts helps executives balance operations, compliance, and marketing/sales.

1. Commitment

Leadership ACCESS is a 3-month membership. The membership is renewable with each of the three fractional executives offering one hour per month of dedicated advising.

2. Pricing

Leadership ACCESS membership is $900/month. Early adopters promotional offer of 20% off through February and March 2024.

3. Our Expertise

- Sales, Marketing and creative Insights

- Leadership and Team-Building

- Talent Acquisition and HR

- Strategies for Business Growth

- Principles of Data Analysis for Business Leaders

- AI Integration and Business Expansion

4. Additional Benefits

Potential to become a part of our community and paying it forward to other women, after membership ends.




Choose Your Three Fractionals

Ready to take your career and business to new heights? 

Virginie Glaenzer

Chief Marketing Officer

Web3. Storytelling.

Digital Transformation.

Growth Funnel.

Dr. Kruti Lehenbauer

Chief Data Analytics Officer

Data Analytics.

Data Strategy.

AI Transformation.

Laura Woolford

Chief People Officer

Executive Coaching, Talent Development, Organization & Culture Change

Kristyan Mjolsnes

Chief Marketing Officer

Strategy, Team mentorship. 

Process and Framework, Messaging and Positioning

Angela Darilis

Chief Talent Officer

Talent Attraction.

DEI Strategies. Coaching teams and Talent Multiplier.

Lisa Schenk

Chief People & Talent Officer

Executive Coaching. Senior Team Off-Sites.  Strategic Planning, Culture Change,


Chief Strategy & Planning Officer

Strategy, Plan and Metrics. Program Management. Executive Communications.

Susanne Mueller

Chief Leadership Coaching Officer

Sports Mindset to Business Mindset. Mindfulness and Executive Presence Coaching.

Susan Willig

Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing and Brand Strategy for Early Stage. Restart for Healthcare Companies.

Carolyn Wagner

Chief Creative Officer

Leads & Up-Levels Creative, Ideation and Brand Building, Creates New Business Pitches.

Nishat Jones

Chief Marketing Officer

Branding and Digital Transformation.

Demand Generation.

Marketing / Sales Alignment

Carol Fraser

Chief Human Research Officer

Human resources and Operations.

HR professional coaching.

  • Leadership Access aims to offer a comprehensive pool of expertise and talents. You have the flexibility to choose either three experts with different areas of expertise (such as CTO, CMO, CHRO) or individuals with similar skills (three CMOs). However, if you prefer to work with just one fractional executive, you have the option to hire them directly.

  • While the program is primarily for women, we encourage men to participate by sponsoring a female employee or colleague for the program or registering for our Think tank offering.

  • After three months, you should notice significant career improvement and increased leadership efficiency, possibly even experiencing growth. We recommend that you reevaluate your needs to determine the best support for you and your business. You have the option to renew your subscription with the same or new fractional executives, hire one of them directly, or explore the selection of our think tank resources.

  • If your company is still paying or has paid for the subscription, you have the option to keep using the benefits or you can transfer the remaining portion of the membership to another individual.

  • If you are a company allocating annually a certain amount of dollars per year for personal and professional development to your employees, this is a perfect opportunity to support your ever thriving employees with an extended wealth of expertise that they can share within your teams and corporation.

  • AcornOak stands at the forefront of innovation with fractional executive female representation. 

    Our dynamic community brings exceptional fractional talents – from Operations, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Finance, Analytics, AI - each poised to bridge any skillset gaps in your organization and to catapult it towards sustainable growth and success.

    Whether you're gearing up for a groundbreaking launch, seeking optimization, or ready to evolve, AcornOak is your gateway to transformation. 

    The Leadership Access membership also strives to cultivate valuable relationships and offer women executives at AcornOak Fractional opportunities for professional success.

  • For more information, please reach out to our team at We are happy to assist with any queries you may have about the program.

  • The program is tailored for female professionals in executive/decision-making roles, aspiring to elevate their careers in leadership roles. This includes women in Director positions up to those in C-Suite roles.

  • Leadership ACCESS is a specialized membership program designed for women in leadership roles, ranging from Directors to C-Suite executives.It focuses on empowering female professionals in executive/decision-making toles through personalized Advising, expert-led Masterclasses, and strategic leadership resources.

  • The program comprises three main components:

    - 3 hours of BrainTrust Advising each month

    - Monthly CXO Masterclass Series

    - Access to the Strategic Leadership Toolkit

  • BrainTrust Advising includes personalized, one-on-one sessions with AcornOak Fractional executive women, focusing on strategic career development, expert guidance, and leadership skills enhancement.

  • The Masterclass series covers a range of topics including AI Integration, Business Growth Strategies, Leadership and Team-Building, Sales and Marketing Strategies, and Data Analysis for Business Leaders.

  • The Toolkit provides access to Executive Templates, Strategy Guides, and other resources essential for strategic thinking and leadership enhancement.

Image by Karl Magnuson

Transform your tomorrow

by signing up today

ACCESS is not just a program 

– it's a stepping stone to your success. 


Elevate Your Career Path

Unlock your full potential with a team of expert advisors and coaches.

Together, we clear the path for your next big opportunity.

Boost Your Business's Growth

Dive into the world of fractional executive wisdom and watch your business thrive. From navigating digital transformations and optimizing growth funnels, right through to talent nurturing, driving organizational and cultural shifts – we've got you covered for an unparalleled performance boost.

Refine Your Strategic Insight

Experience a revolution in decision-making with our personalized business advising.

Gain access to specialized knowledge and fresh perspectives that promise to refine your strategic moves. 

Stay Ahead in a Tech-Driven World

With our expert-led masterclasses and an all-encompassing Leadership Toolkit, we empower our corporate members to not just keep pace, but excel in the fast-evolving business landscape.

With ACCESS Leadership

You’ll be able to…

Wave goodbye to the 'boys' club'. 

Success is no longer an exclusive party. 

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