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Join a Community

of Successful Fractional Executive Women


Our community is unique in that we recognize and embrace the individuality of each fractional executive.  In a world with enough for everyone, we thrive on the collective power that comes from bringing our members together.

Our community members share resources, tools, frameworks, and best practices to create excellence in their work while staying current in technologies and business practices.  AcornOak use member-generated content for business outreach purposes so every piece of content and webinar created expands the fractional executive’s voice and benefits to the community at large


Through collective effort, we engage with potential clients who want to hire fractional executives, and when a contract is signed, we charge them a 10% fee.

Our application process is thorough, with the goal of selecting only the best fractional executives with our community values who bring excellence to their clients.

Once accepted, AcornOak provides its members with a professionally designed profile page and opportunities to write, host webinars, and lead workshops.


Build Relationships with Potential Clients

Join our collaborative effort to generate leads of potential clients. When organizations connect with AcornOak, we provide them with 2-3 fractional executive profiles. Once the contract is signed, we take care of invoicing and payments. 

Increase Your Personal Reputation

Members are given their own professional webpage to tell their career story and display their expertise. Less expensive and less work than creating a full website.

Gain Market Visibility

We help executives write monthly blog posts, white papers, craft presentations, and host public speaking engagements to increase their exposure.

Join a supportive community 

Members shares frameworks, tools and best practices while building relationships with the community at large and finding future employees or partners.

Boost Your Knowledge

and Skills

Attending monthly presentations from the community will allow you to stay informed on current trends and technology.

Join an Executive Mastermind

Be part of a think-tank with experts when you’re in need of business advice or new ideas to solve client challenges. 


Per year

Your membership includes:

  1. A professional webpage to showcase your projects and thought leadership.

  2. We help you to write and publish thought leadership content and expect the community to share it with their audiences.

  3. Opportunity to host webinars and workshops to showcase your expertise.

  4. Invitation to community meetings and mastermind discussions with other fractional executive women.

  5. Collaborative effort to generate leads of potential clients for you to build relationships with.

Join the community

of thinkers, writers, and doers.

Start your application.

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