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About Us

At AcornOak, we're not just about growth; we're about empowerment. Our Fractional Executive Women are the catalyst for our community’s excellence and our client’s success.

Our Mission

What Sets Us Apart

Our primary mission is to promote and encourage greater female representation in leadership positions across the world. 

We firmly believe that achieving a balanced society requires embracing the inherent strengths and qualities that femininity brings to the table. It is high time for women to claim their rightful seats in leadership, as their unique perspectives, empathy, and problem-solving abilities are essential for creating a more inclusive and harmonious world.

Our Values


Our work and professional attitudes are led by a desire to achieve excellence in our work.


Embracing openness nurtures honesty and cultivates trust among our members.


Our community thrives because our community collaborates.

Our Vision


Diversity in leadership is not just a matter of fairness and equality; it is also crucial for driving innovation and progress. Women have historically been underrepresented in positions of power, despite their immense potential to contribute positively to various fields. By breaking down barriers and creating more opportunities for women to lead, we aim to harness their talents and wisdom for the betterment of society as a whole.


In recent years, there have been notable advancements towards gender equality, but much work remains to be done. Fostering a culture that values and celebrates femininity as a vital component of leadership is essential. By recognizing and nurturing diverse leadership styles, we can pave the way for a more compassionate, inclusive, and balanced world. Embracing the unique traits that femininity brings, such as empathy, collaboration, and emotional intelligence, will only serve to enhance decision-making processes and drive positive change.

Challenging the Status Quo

Our purpose is to champion the cause of women in leadership, acknowledging the importance of femininity in creating a balanced and equitable world. We firmly believe that women possess the innate strength and courage to challenge the status quo, breaking down barriers and empowering not only themselves but all those they inspire. As we continue our efforts to pave the way for women in leadership roles, we envision a future where leadership reflects the diversity and richness of human experience, thereby creating a brighter, more inclusive global community. Together, we celebrate the courage it takes to challenge traditional norms and inspire positive change.


Our community is unique in that we recognize and embrace the individuality of each fractional executive woman. We firmly believe in the principle of abundance, where there is enough for everyone to succeed and thrive. In a world where opportunities are boundless, we champion the belief that by bringing our members together, we not only amplify their individual strengths but also harness the collective power of shared purpose. As we continue to support and empower each other, we are forging a path towards a brighter future, where leadership is as diverse and abundant as the unique talents and perspectives that each woman brings to the table.

Join us in our effort:

Empower Women,

Transform the World.

How do we ensure a trusted space?

Our Culture


We all share common values of honesty, humility, curiosity, and compassion and thrive on practicing our inner leadership.


We agree on serving the whole first while serving our individual needs.


Meetings and community rituals are filled with deep listening practices.


AcornOak community manager is responsible for caring for those who report a breach of trust and for resolving the issue.

Know someone looking for a fractional executive woman?

Earn effortlessly by referring someone in need of a fractional executive to us and receive a referral fee! 

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