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Unlock the Power

of Collective Expertise

Hire a Fractional Executive ThinkTank

- Where ideas become reality.




Thrive with a Fractional Executive ThinkTank

Imagine this: Three fractional executives converge in a virtual half-day or full day brainstorming session, each bringing their unique wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Ideas flow seamlessly from one transformative solution to the next. 

How It Works

Days prior, you provide a brief on your focus areas.


Our team thoroughly reviews the materials for preparation.


The virtual brainstorming session begins as your team outlines their concerns.


Our collaborative process includes two sessions with a short break.


We wrap up with a recap and a written plan for the next steps based on our findings.

Why Choose Us?

 Our Fractional Executive ThinkTank

is your gateway to a world of possibilities.

1. Innovative Perspectives

At the ThinkTank, each executive offers innovative perspectives and strategic insights to address the most pressing concern(s) of your firm.

2. Transformative Experience

 It is a powerful exchange of ideas that showcases the potential of fractional executives to ignite transformative change within your organization.

3. Breakthrough Revelations

Profound breakthroughs in strategy often come from meaningful and powerful conversations. And sometimes, a half-a-day with experts is all it takes! 

Are you ready to supercharge your organization with innovative ideas and transformative insights?

Meet Some of Our ThinkTank Members

Carolyn Wagner

Fractional Chief Creative Officer

Michelle Page

Fractional Chief Revenue Officer

Virginie Glaenzer

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Kruti Lehenbauer

Fractional Chief Data Analytics Officer

Why Choose Us?

Experience and Expertise

Our fractional executives are leaders in their respective fields, providing a rich plethora of experience and knowledge.

Collaborative Innovation

We nurture collaborative idea generation, problem-solving, and knowledge sharing to improve your organization’s bottom line.



Every session is tailored to your unique needs and objectives based on inputs from your key leaders and stakeholders, as relevant.

Hire Your Fractional Executive

Ready to Ignite Transformation?

Book Your ThinkTank Session Today!

Unlock the potential of fractional executives: Drive innovation, foster collaboration, and embrace change within your organization.

Contact us

718-902-5455 or by email at

Half Day brainstorming prices range from $2,650 to $5,500, based on time and scope.

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