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Carolyn Wagner

Fractional Chief Creative Officer

Carolyn Wagner is the creative force behind some of the most inspiring, elegant, and emotionally connected brands in advertising and for companies. 


Over the past 30 years, her talent has taken her across the globe to work with agencies and Design firms in NYC, Helsinki, Munich, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Denver working for iconic brands like Starbucks, Sony, Mercedes, Platinum Jewelry and more.


Deeply committed to uncovering the true, authentic nature of a company, Carolyn’s particular brilliance lies in “elevating with elegance and inspiring with integrity.” Her approach and commitment to helping a brand shine comes from digging deep to find the honest heart of a company—where they come from and what’s their defining character or spirit.

Carolyn Wagner

"Creativity is the bridge that connects imagination to reality, transforming brands into captivating experiences."



Rochester Institute of Technology

BFA, Graphic Design, Specializing in Computer Graphics and Printmaking 


Friedrich Alexander Universität in Erlangen, Germany and the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenen Künste Stuttgart


Since 2013

Chief Creative Officer and Strategist


Wolfdog Media

Chief Creative Officer, Executive Producer


CIG - Communication Infrastructure Group

Chief Creative Officer


Brand Creative

Cross Functional Leadership


By working from this intuitive, almost existential core, Carolyn creates a unique and noteworthy identity in the marketplace that sets her clients apart—and helps them make a positive difference in the world. Whether working with an Agency, Fortune 500 company or a growing, well-funded start up, Carolyn loves to create, inspire, and empower teams to bring innovative practices and people to the forefront.


Core Competency


Carolyn is the creative force responsible for some of the most inspiring, elegant, and emotionally connected brands.

She guides discovery of the authentic business identity and illuminates the unique power of the company’s brand through strategic communications and storytelling.


Carolyn serves as thought leader and Agency of Record for direct clients working with C-level leadership.

She consults, mentors, and empowers leaders and creative teams to embrace professional potential, increase resiliency and drive success


Carolyn concepts, designs and launches integrative brand campaigns, promotes future forecasting and expands market opportunity.




Over the past 30 years, Carolyn’s talent has taken her across the globe to work with successful agencies, Fortune 500’s and start-ups.



Carolyn has produced award-winning and creative work for 11 agencies: Lintas Worldwide, Heil BBDO, Herrwerth & Partners, The Designory, iLeo, Leo Burnett, TSG, DDB, MSI, Bagby, McClain Finlon, and Monigle Associates.



Luxury, Automotive, Telecommunications, Tech, Mobile, Energy, Logistics, Retail, Beauty, Food and Beverage, Financial, Transportation, Real Estate Development, and Government.



Her talent has taken her across the globe to work in 6 creative scenes such as NYC, Helsinki, Munich, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Denver.

Collaborating with Carolyn Wagner is a sure-fire way to ensure the success of your brand.


Not only does Carolyn take the time to understand the ins-and-outs of your brand/product/consumer, she adds her own insights, which are nothing short of brilliant

Andy Sherman

Art Director

Exceptional. Brilliant. Effective. Carolyn and team took on a huge responsibility - rebrand and re-imagine the dominant industry leader in fast moving SaaS software environment while meeting aggressive timelines and high expectations. We needed a new direction that leveraged all of our successes from the past while establishing us in a whole new way to capture even greater market share going forward

Brian Owens

President & Chief Information Officer

Carolyn Wagner is a brilliant creative leader with exceptional entrepreneurial talent. Her business team finds new ways to clarify and simplify business problems and turn out brand-building solutions across a wide variety of marketing disciplines. They consistently deliver the energy, ideas and entrepreneurial spirit needed to succeed.

Michael Zitt


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Client Roster

Carolyn's concepts and designs have captivated the minds of numerous esteemed brands, making her an invaluable asset in their integrative brand campaigns. 

Thought Leadership

The Strategic Advantage of a Chief Creative Officer

When you truly understand the multifaceted value a CCO brings to your organization, you can witness three types of new growth and market leadership. 

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