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Tatiana Dudyez

Fractional Chief Transformation Officer
& Chief Of Staff

At the forefront of the New World Economy, I spearhead the evolution of Luxury, Wealth and The Female Economy by funding new-world-CEOs and Family Offices’ with the tools to create a more sustainable Future. 


Unlocking success today requires open mindedness and reinvention. My pioneering advisory advances high performers by rewiring their Mind-Body-Spirit blueprint to create a “ready for anything” Leadership, and by inviting them to redefine their Wealth on their terms via unique & specific inflection points in their lives influencing their financial journey. 


I bridge the gap between old success paradigms and new future-of-work demands for ambitious Leaders ready to transition.


My approach blends sharp business acumen and a WHEALTH™ MATRIX to transform, adapt and thrive in a New World. 


With 25+ years of experience as a CEO-Founder, I fuel clients with audacity, divergent thinking, and visionary talent championing distinctiveness and bespoke success. 


As a Female of The Future, I choose to BECOME THE ECONOMY, building sovereign & sustainable capital from the inside out, redefining my Wealth as embodiment and mindset. 

Tatiana Dudyez

“Prosperity without freedom
is another form of poverty “


With a unique blend of visionary intelligence, divergent thinking, and sustainable success models, Tatiana guides leaders and businesses to thrive in the new world economy. Her approach simplifies and distills complexities, enabling seamless integration of new demands and challenges into a "ready for anything" leadership style. She helps businesses uproot obstacles and transform to thrive in this new paradigm by igniting innovative solutions and fostering a sense of possibility.


As a divergent thinker and force multiplier, Tatiana challenges the status quo and inspire others to think outside their own boxes. By helping clients rewire their brains with supportive beliefs and holding them accountable to new habits, she ensures they achieve their vision with sustainable success.



Robbins Research International 

Leadership Coach 


Boston College

Interior Design


Since 2023

CEO & Founder



Premiere Executive Suites

President, Founding, & Operating Partner


Strategic Influence

Divergent Thinking 

Change Catalyst

Core Competency

Transcending Old Paradigms

Tatiana works simultaneously within the leader and the business, rejuvenating founders who struggle to adapt to the new paradigm.


By providing vision, inspiration, and sustainable strategies, she helps them transcend old paradigms and move from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance and resilience.

Relational Intelligence

Tatiana brings profound emotional intelligence to her work, helping clients tap into their inner emotional drivers and develop greater self-awareness.

With empathy and deep listening, she creates a safe space for vulnerable exploration. Tatiana seamlessly weaves emotional mastery practices into her approach, empowering clients to embody emotional freedom as transformational leaders.

Simplifying Complexity

Transcending old paradigms and simplifying complexity, her customized performance models focus on identifying clients' genius zones and shaping their operations for optimal performance without burnout.

Tatiana guides them in deconditioning their nervous systems to operate from sustainability, not fear or scarcity. Together, she explore new strategic execution initiatives and partnerships, opening doors to new opportunities with simplicity and clarity.




anticipated airbnb by building its Temporary Luxury Hospitality version to $50 million dollar franchise in Canada, the first of its kind.



Over 25 years of founding businesses, cutting-edge Entrepreneurship & global impact



By role modeling her values, with a high EQ driven leadership and inspiring influence



Global citizen, built Businesses in 3 radically diverse cultures, lived in 6 distinct corners of the world, has 2 citizenships and serves an International clientele 

Happy Clients
What they're saying

“Tatiana’s genius as an Executive Advisor is her fierce commitment to transparently deliver results for her clients by reconnecting them to their innate strengths, linking those to their vision and mission to transform their business and elevate their performance.


She delivers these results for her C-Suite Clients through her congruent business success as a cofounder of a $50 million brand, her deeply effective coaching talent and her wise sassiness built over a lifetime. Tatiana’s style is x 10 any other Advisor I have experienced.”

Promise Phelon
Silicon Valley CEO-Growth
Warrior Capital

“ I cannot recommend Tatiana strongly enough! Working with her has revolutionized my thought process, impacting both my professional and personal life.


Her approach is multidimensional and was tailored to what was most relevant to my business, to my mindset and to my internal Intelligence I wasn’t used to leveraging to make complex decisions. I have gained an entire new skill set. Anyone looking to level up will highly benefit from her Advisory.“

Roger Bain
Director, Media & Thought Leadership
Pyxera Global

"For executives and leaders who must navigate the rapidly changing work environment, Tatiana is a gift. Her fun and insightful approach to growth helps you bring out the best version of yourself and positively change the way you see yourself and lead others.


Working with Tatiana has honestly changed and shifted so many things within me its hard to remember my old ways. Anyone looking to level up, and truly embrace professional growth would be greatly served in working with her.”

Amy Astrowski
Head Designer, Avalon Apparel
Founder-CEO Momsquad Clothing

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