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Susanne Mueller

Fractional Chief Leadership Coaching Officer

Susanne, a Swiss-born global influencer and fractional Chief Leadership Coaching Officer, masterfully combines her athletic prowess and diverse professional skills into a unique life philosophy. With over 680 blog posts and 400 podcast episodes, she's a recognized thought leader across various sectors. 


Her athletic feats include completing 26 marathon races, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, finishing an Ironman triathlon race, and skydiving. 


Fluent in five languages, Susanne shines in global consulting, executive coaching, and leadership development. An author and advocate for diversity and empowerment, her career reflects her commitment to setting high goals and leading by example.

"Every winner was once a beginner.

Dream big, start small, but most of all, start now."

Susanne Mueller



Columbia University

Executive Coaching Certification


Columbia University

MA in Organizational Development and Leadership


Marymount Manhattan College

BA in Psychology, New York


Since 2011

Susanne Mueller Consulting & Global Coaching

Founder & CEO



Global HR lead 

Prior to 


Previous key roles: Swiss Mission to the United Nations and Swiss Airlines


Leadership Development

Personal Growth Coaching

Breaking internal resistance


Susanne is a truly multifaceted leader, seamlessly integrating her Swiss heritage, athletic achievements, and diverse professional expertise.


As a fractional Chief Leadership Coaching Officer, she's renowned for her thought leadership, evidenced in hundreds of blog posts and podcasts. 

Her linguistic fluency, coupled with accomplishments in marathons, triathlons, and mountain climbing, complements her skills in global consulting and executive coaching. She embodies pragmatic, holistic coaching, organizational effectiveness, and exemplifies setting and achieving high goals.

Core Competency

Holistic Coaching Approach

Susanne's holistic coaching approach is centered on nurturing both personal and professional aspects of an individual's life, creating a well-rounded path for growth and success.

Organizational effectiveness

Susanne's focus on organizational effectiveness involves enhancing the overall performance and health of a business through strategic planning, efficiency optimization, and fostering a strong, collaborative workplace culture.

Goal Setting and Accountability

In her approach to goal setting and accountability, Susanne emphasizes the importance of clearly defining objectives establishing a reliable framework for tracking progress, and ensuring responsibility in achieving these targets.




Susanne has accumulated over 2,000 client coaching hours, showcasing her expertise in helping individuals achieve their goals and reach their full potential.



Susanne delivered an inspiring TEDx Talk titled "Running and Life: 5K Formula for your Success" at TEDxDelmarIntlSchool, offering valuable insights into the intersection of running and personal success.



Pharma, retail, CPG, finance, manufacturing, automotive, duty free travel, sports, software, data management, CRM, non-profit.



Susanne is a published author of two books: Take it from the Ironwoman (2017) and Lipstick Leadership (2021)


Happy Customers

What they're saying

Susanne and I have had opportunities to work together on a range of

projects for more than eight years, and each experience has been very worthwhile, because Susanne has such a positive approach to life. Susanne finds ways to make things happen. Her talents include building relationships in diverse contexts, facilitating groups with ease and warmth and managing projects in a disciplined, results-oriented way. With her international background, she is sensitive to complex issues and puts people at ease very quickly. I am aware Susanne works
tirelessly to ensure diversity is always embraced and her coaching
skills and clients attest to her passion. I look forward to our next
project together.

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel


I worked with Susanne at the Organization Development Network of Greater New York on committees and observed her presentations to our group.She has wonderful platform and great organization skills.Her oral and written communication is superb . She is an insightful thinker .She is always very warm, helpful and diplomatic with colleagues.I know of her work ethic and high performance standards.

Michael S Grove

Executive coach and behavioral scientist

This is to recognize Susanne Mueller for her innovative work in developing managerial talents. Susanne has always acted like an owner and demonstrated the utmost professionalism, and as a result, managers have benefitted from her proficient use of her training approach, tools and dedication. I have known Susanne since 2003 as a colleague at Nestle Waters North America. Susanne established a record of outstanding contribution to the leadership program introduced by Nestle. Susanne conducted and controlled this important initiative over a period of six years and included over sixty senior managers. The program was tilted “Nestle leadership frame work” and was designed to help managers develop succession planning, manage behavior, setting goals and build effective working teams.


During past four years, I have consulted with Susanne on topics related to performance reviews, global talent management, succession planning, cross cultural awareness among other related topics to help me lead the Global Logistics Procurement team at Kraft Foods. I recommend Susanne Mueller for her ability to inspire trust which sets her apart from other consultants in the Talent Management industry. Susanne is an individual who fosters talents around diversity, leadership, courage and curiosity amongst members of her audience. Organizations would notably benefit from Susanne’s proficient use of training methodologies, tools and approach.

George Abinakad

Senior Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Executive

Hire Your Fractional Executive

Podcast Host

Join Susanne on an electrifying journey as she conducts one-on-one interviews with brilliant, stylish, and vibrant individuals from all corners of the globe. Discover the captivating superpowers that drive them to make a world of difference.

Take it from the Ironwoman Podcast

400 Episodes

Thought Leadership

Running and Life:

5K Formula for your Success

Listen to Susanne as she shares her experiences and encourages the audience to reach the finish line that defines our success.

Embracing Silence and Expansion:

A Leader's Journey to Inner Peace and New Horizons

As the new year unfolds, bringing with it a mix of anticipation and the remnants of holiday tranquility, leaders are presented with a unique opportunity for introspection and growth. 

Published Author

Susanne combines expertise in business and personal development, and offers a unique perspective on achieving success and empowerment in various aspects of life.

Take it from the Iron Woman: Global Business Coaching With Sports Parallels

In this book, the importance of coaching for both athletes and business executives is explored, highlighting key strategies, team building, training, evaluation, planning, and the ultimate celebration of success.

Lipstick Leadership: Empowering and Inspiring Women who dare to Lead

Lipstick Leadership reminds us that the lipstick industry, set to be worth $10 billion by 2025, is a serious business, and through the stories of women who have taken significant strides, the book encourages us to embrace equality, sisterhood, and freedom, highlighting that now is the time to lean in and step up for a better world."

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