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Carol Fraser

Fractional Human Resource Officer

With a distinguished career spanning nearly three decades, Carol Fraser has left an indelible mark on the realms of Human Resources and Executive Leadership.

As the Founder, Chief Executive, and CHRO she has been instrumental in bridging the talent, strategy, and engagement gap. Her extensive experience extends to roles as a Certified Coach and Mentor, podcast co-host, and Advisory Board Member, and her commitment to gender diversity is evident through her membership at Chief.


Carol’s commitment to excellence and transformative leadership is delivered through an authentic, curious and growth mindset.

Carol Fraser

"HR is the heartbeat of a company, energizing and guiding talent to unleash the collective power of its people, transforming them

into an unstoppable force."


The term "transformative" aptly characterizes her work due to her consistent ability to bring about profound and lasting change in the field of Human Resources and Executive Leadership. 


Throughout her extensive career, she has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to reshaping the status quo, from her role as Founder and CHRO, driving engagement and strategy, to her coaching outcomes, dedicated to elevating professionals into intuitive leaders increasing their impact. 


Her career has been marked by a remarkable capacity to inspire and implement change that significantly impacts individuals and organizations alike.



Western Governors University

Master's degree, Management and Leadership


Western Governors University

Bachelor of Science - BS, Business-Human Resources Management


Since 2021

C4 Talent

Founder, CEO, fCHRO


Greater Than One

Chief Human Resources Officer


Northwell Health

Associate Executive Director and site CHRO


People Operations & Culture

Leadership Development

Strategic Talent Planning

Core Competency

Leadership and Team Building

Testimonials frequently highlight Carol’s skills as an outstanding leader and mentor. Carol is commended for her ability to create a supportive learning environment, advocate for her team, and encourage growth.

Expertise in Human Resources 

Carol is consistently praised for her deep knowledge of HR, which encompasses various areas such as workforce planning, compensation,  and talent management. Her ability to navigate and excel in this field is highly regarded.

Strategic Problem-Solving

Carol is recognized for her talent in problem-solving and implementing strategic solutions. She has the ability to take a challenge or an idea and create actionable plans to drive change within an organization. 




30+ years of experience in leading human resources initiatives and company growth across diverse industries. 



Carol’s clients include Sony Pictures, Disney Publishing, MGA Entertainment, Aeropostale, Timex Group, Cushman Wakefield,, and Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance.

Chief Executive Officer


Carol is a serial entrepreneur having built successful businesses in operations & technology, fashion, arts & entertainment and coaching.  Coupled with her background working with tech startups, she has an uncanny ability to see the bigger picture and imagine what’s possible.



Certified Professional Coach, Certified Compensation Professional, Senior Certified Professional - Human Resources, Certified Mediator, Master Practitioner - Energy Leadership, Certified Facilitator - Emotional Intelligence, Certified Facilitator - Workplace Styles, Certified Consultant

Happy Clients

What they're saying

It’s been a pleasure to work with/for Carol; she’s like the Swiss Army knife of HR - there’s not a discipline or project she has not touched in her career and that speaks volumes to her credibility. This is seen by her team and clients on a daily basis, while working in a highly complex and fast-paced setting.

Carol is a brilliant, dedicated HR executive who would make a great addition to any team. She naturally rises to the occasion when presented with a challenge regarding something she is passionate about. Her market expertise along with unending enthusiasm is impressive. I have worked with Carol for many years at several organizations and welcome the chance once again.

Carol and I have worked together in several areas, including Executive Compensation, Workforce Rewards, Organizational Development, Organizational Policy Development, HR Organization Design and HRIT strategy. She is knowledgeable, practical, energetic and highly efficient. She also has an impressive personal presence that is effective both in discussions and in formal presentations.

Podcast Host

The Fractional Edge highlights the competitive advantage of partnering with Fractional Executives by drawing a direct connection to company strategy and workforce planning.


Thought Leadership

The Strategic Leap: Transforming from Operational to Visionary Leadership

As you step into leadership, one of the biggest challenges you'll face is shifting from being a hands-on "get things done" type of leader to becoming a strategic thinker.

Hire Your Fractional Executive

In a year’s time, with the training, mentoring and coaching of Carol, I increased my income 30%.  I gained awareness of blockers to my success and was able to increase my salary again from her support and encouragement.  

Because of you, I’m walking away understanding that my boss views me as a leader; he hired me and he’s paying me to be a leader.  I need to approach him as a leader.  So that’s my take away….It’s OK to be a leader. 

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