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Sammi Dittloff

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Sammi Dittloff serves as a steward to brands uncovering an abundance of marketing opportunities.  After years of marketing, analytics, promotions, and writing experience, Sammi helps her clients break through the noise by creating a unique voice that separates them from the pack. 

One of her speciality involves finding the right words to get through to their desired audience. She loves taking complicated ideas and looking for ways to make them understandable for an audience. Accessibility is an unsung hero in marketing - making a website and words accessible is not optional to stay competitive. 

Companies can grow their brand voice in regular, meaningful ways that build over time and return dividends long past the initial investment.

Sammi Dittloff

“Being authentic and transparent

will always be on trend"



University of Minnesota

Master of Science - Nutrition


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Master of Arts -  Media Studies


Since 2022

Needs More Fiber

Founder and Marketing Consultant

2019 - 2022

Chortek LLP

Marketing Director


Online Geniuses

Community Moderator


Data-driven content strategy 

Purpose-driven storytelling

Strategic brand building

Avoid a sea of sameness

After analyzing 500 accounting websites, she found a sea of sameness. Only the most creative companies that invest time and effort into creating a unique brand voice and strategy will stand out from the crowd. 

Let Sammi help you make a series of small, incremental actions that add up to tremendous growth and brand presence.

Core Competency


Sammi wrote her first book when she was nine. She has been writing ever since.

Through creative content, companies can grow their brand voice in regular, meaningful ways that build over time and return dividends long past the initial investment.


Sammi is a relationship-builder who knows how to execute.


Her network of contacts from years of relationship-building are her secret weapon in executing on your needs.


Guided by core values of abundance, stewardship and wonder, Sammi believes that business has an important role to play on the planet, and that companies can be successful while also doing good for people and the environment.




In writing, promotions, advertising, marketing, and analytics



BA in Journalism, MA in Media Studies, and currently finishing an MS in Nutrition



Health care, health tech, cybersecurity, IT,  professional services, retail, food & beverage, manufacturing, transportation, tourism just to name a few.



Increase in annual web sessions during tenure at Chortek from 2019 - 2022 

Abstract Glass

I hired Sammi to write long form, high-quality articles for my company's blog and also run social media. Sammi is a great writer, easy to work with, and creates fantastic content. She understands how to research and create informative pieces that people will not only learn alot from but actually want to read. Her strong understanding of digital marketing makes it that her content will get seen and help your marketing. I would highly recommend hiring Sammi!

Ondyr Marketing & Superfood Digital, Founder

Sammi is like a lighthouse; she illuminates the path ahead even when you don’t know where you’re at. She also makes writing about yourself fun!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to collaborate with her.

Participant in Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Exercise

Sammi is an excellent writer and a skilled marketing and SEO strategist.


Highly recommend her services to anyone looking to increase the results of their content marketing efforts.

Real Estate Client

Abstract Glass

Happy Clients

What they are saying

Thought Leadership

Elevate Your Brand with These 11 Marketing Tips. 

Abstract Glass

Samantha is a great writer, an excellent communicator and extremely knowledgeable about digital marketing.


Highly recommended! 

PowerStory Co-Founder 

Sammi was an incredible team member. Always facing the day with a smile and strategic approach, she made it easy to come to work each day.

Sammi took on challenges that others easily passed by and brought the work to the finish line. She is intuitive and innovative, thoughtful and creative. Loved every moment working with her.

Landscape Management Network, CMO

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