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Virginie Glaenzer

Fractional Marketing & CEO

 As a conscious leader and successful serial entrepreneur, Virginie designs digital marketing and sales funnel strategies that drive sustainability and help, leaders and teams navigate complexity with confidence and clarity of thought. 

She dedicates her work to improving people's lives by maximizing their efforts and making their intentions a reality. Promoting emerging leadership trends and evolving leaders' relationships with others is what Virginie excels at.

Virginie Glaenzer

"I build truly inclusive environments where teams thrive and bring their authentic

selves to spark innovation

and market growth."


Virginie is passionate about Web3, the next generation of the internet. This new evolution of the internet is about ownership because it embeds new ways to distribute and exchange value. Everyone is a shareholder in something, Tokens, Robinhood slices of shares to Angellist slices of start-ups, the micro everything removes the barriers to entry.


In addition, Web3 is the future of work. The great resignation is a reality. Work independence and self-determination are the biggest drivers that will shape the future of work.




M.B.A Business and Marketing



Psychology of Work

1998 -1991


BS, Marketing & Administration


Since 2019

Fractional CMO



VP of Marketing


Great Eastern Energy

Executive Vice-President of Marketing & Customers Experience





Listen to a recent interview of a CEO working in the Metaverse.

Core Competency


Virginie is responsible for designing digital marketing and sales funnel strategies to drive sustainability.

Sense Maker

Virginie helps teams and leaders navigate complexity with confidence and clarity of thought.


Virginie excels in storytelling, influencers' strategy, brand engagement, and growth hacking.




Years of experience in sales, digital marketing, and team management.



She founded 5 companies in SaaS, Software, Retail and Community.



SaaS, Healthcare, Consumers app, Hospitality, Security, just to name a few.



Originally from France, Virginie spent 15 years in Northern California and moved 10 years ago to New York City.

Public Speaker

Host of the podcast Pass The Mic, Virginie regularly shares her experiences and views.

Interviews & Podcast

Happy Clients

What they're saying

During Virginie’s 3 months working with my company as a fractional CMO, she helped us across branding, content marketing, and general marketing strategies.
It’s clear she has a tremendous amount of industry experience. She helped us apply frameworks (such as her Brand Architecture Framework) across business lines and recognize missing or weak points on all things marketing. We worked together across brand, messaging, content marketing, and SEM strategy.
Virginie was consistently a pleasure to work with. Very easy to schedule (or reschedule) with and always brings her A-game.

Vlad Lokshin

Cofounder and CEO at Turtle

Collaboration, contracts, and payments software built for fractional devs.

Virginie was my fractional CMO during my maternity leave and I couldn't have selected a better fit. As a very small (but growing quickly!), early stage venture where we all where MANY hats - her assignment was a difficult one to step into. But she rolled up her sleeves and took on a critical portion of my role - one where the day-to-day can be unpredictable even for an FTE, one in an industry that has particular needs as related to content and context, one where she had to interact directly on my behalf both with the internal C-Suite and my agencies. She did so while both giving and taking feedback graciously and earning the trust of all involved. Thank you Virginie, quite literally for my maternity leave!

Rebecca (Steuer) Hochreiter

Chief Marketing Officer at GoStork

 First fertility marketplace 

I highly recommend Virginie and the entire team at AcornOak for your company's branding, marketing and sales strategy development. Over the course of 3 months, Virginie and team worked alongside our small team to establish building blocks and roadmaps to help us with everything from our brand architecture framework to sales strategy. Their suggestions and acumen truly helped us develop a strong foundation, and provided the us with the insight we needed to establish a solid plan for the future. I couldn't be any more pleased with the outcome of our work together.

Janique Edwards

Co-Founder & COO at EatOkra

Go-to app for discovering Black-owned restaurants.

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