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Kristyan Mjolsnes

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

With over 20 years of results-driven expertise in innovative demand-generation strategies, Kristyan empowers businesses to achieve rapid growth. As a dynamic leader, she spearheads marketing, business development, PR, and communications, fostering exceptional team performance. 

In her latest triumph, she orchestrated an innovative ESG and sustainability program, serving as the executive sponsor and guiding her team to success.


Capitalizing on growth opportunities, she maximizes long-term value from customers, markets, and strategic partnerships.

Kristyan Mjolsnes

"Leadership is a lifelong journey of growth, guided by wisdom to make informed choices, courage to embrace calculated risks, gratitude to cherish the journey and diligence, turning visions into reality."


Kristyan is not just a dynamic leader; she is also a master orchestrator. With an exceptional ability to harmonize diverse elements, she orchestrates B2B marketing and business development initiatives, aligning them seamlessly with corporate objectives.

Her strategic vision and creative ingenuity blend together, conducting a symphony of brand awareness, trust-building, and impactful action through her captivating marketing prowess.

With her at the helm, teams can achieve peak performance,  in perfect harmony, creating exceptional results and orchestrating remarkable success.



Hamline University

Bachelor of Arts in Management and Marketing from



Compute North

Head of Marketing



Worldwide Demand Generation Marketing Leader


Marketing Strategy

Demand Generation & ABM

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Core Competency

Strategic Direction

Unleash the power of your marketing efforts with Kristyan, a dynamic strategist who fearlessly assesses your company's needs, crafts innovative strategies, and seamlessly adapts them to conquer market trends and exceed business goals. 

Scaling Success

Experience the transformative power of a seasoned professional, as Kristyan not only elevates your marketing efforts but also serves as a mentor, igniting the growth of your marketing team and maximizing your overall impact. 

Entrepreneurial Experience

As a growth-oriented professional who embodies adaptability, resourcefulness, and a deep understanding of business expansion, Kristyan leverages her expertise to help propel your business forward, unlocking new possibilities and fueling your success




Years of experience in demand generation, marketing leadership, marketing automation, and analytics.



Revenue growth over two years during tenure at a data center infrastructure company.



Led marketing teams ranging from small businesses to large, global enterprise marketing and business development teams. 



Core Virtues - Wisdom, Courage, Gratitude, and Diligence - embody our values in action, inspiring authentic living beyond mere ideals.

Delighted Clients

What they're saying

"Kristyan is clearly a talented marketing and communications leader.

Her impact goes far beyond that. I was always impressed by her ability to be a strong advocate and persuasive communicator on the senior leadership team, while also maintaining a personal reputation for warmth and positivity.


Kristyan is a beloved mentor and a true builder of positive culture!"

"I have seen Kristyan lead small marketing teams to a large global demand generation team. She is a resilient marketing leader who has a driven demeanor that people tend to gravitate to.


Her teams thrive with her guidance and she has a true skill in being able to identify and cultivate talent. Kristyan has experience building and scaling marketing teams in numerous situations and I doubt that there is a challenge that she could not handle!"

"Kristyan is an experienced and thoughtful marketer who understands the full spectrum of the marketing practice - applying that knowledge in a strategic way that delivers results.


But most importantly, she is fun to work with! I highly recommend her for any type of business strategy, marketing, brand, and ESG projects."

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