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Anushree Mallick

Fractional Chief Operating Officer and Chief Finance Officer

Anushree is a solutions-oriented Operations and Finance professional with over 16 years of experience in the Financial Services industry.


As a Finance leader she leads Corporate Finance & Financial Planning (FP&A) functions, managing budgets, forecasts and periodic reporting through strategic dialogues with senior leadership ensuring alignment with financial goals and providing insights for revenue & cost management as well as efficient allocation of resources.


As an Operations leader, she proactively manages global operations to drive a culture that embraces change and continuous improvement.  She aligns operational goals with the overall business strategy and mobilizes teams to deliver those goals. 

Anushree Mallick

"A Fractional Executive's true measure of success

lies in their ability to empower organizations,

enabling them to transcend mere survival

and thrive both financially and operationally.


This transformative capacity makes their achievements

a compelling story, one that people yearn to share."



Clarion University Of Pennsylvania

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) with a focus in Finance


Calcutta University, India

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Commerce and Accounting


  • MD, COO Investment Banking & Distribution / Portfolio Management Americas

  • ED, Head of Management Reporting and Financial Planning (FP&A)

  • VP, Deputy Head of Corporate Finance






Anushree is recognized for her proficiency in resolving complex large-scale operational issues and ensuring operational efficiency and business scaling through cross functional management, business & new product development, leading high profile projects & strategic planning.


She is highly valued for her dedicated mentorship at all levels of organizations. 

Core Competency

Operational Efficiency

Anushree helps organizations run their day-to-day operations through proactive problem solving, implementing efficient processes and turning strategic insights into actionable items.

Strategic Finance 

Anushree builds efficient financial planning and reporting through business partnerships to ensure smooth financial operations and strategic growth.

Cross-Functional Leader

Anushree's ability to lead by example, her dedication to fostering cross-functional collaboration and her commitment to the development of others have made her a highly successful professional and a role model.




Years of experience as a seasoned professional with experience in Corporate & Strategic Finance and Operations Management in Financial services.



Operations Management, Financial Planning & Analysis, Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning, People & Project Management and Business Development.



Responsible for managing groups of 5 to 15 people, and overseeing the work of over 100 employees across the entire organization, Anushree is known for her strong leadership and empathy, and acts as a mentor to individuals at all levels of seniority .



Anushree was born & raised in India and moved to the US to earn her MBA.  She enjoys experiencing different cultures through travel and has visited over 50 countries  and uses her international experience to create welcoming environment and celebrate diversity.

What Executives Say

Words on the street

Inquire of any individual who collaborated with Anushree and a consistent theme will emerge in their testimonials.

"Anushree is a strong leader and empathetic mentor, effectively guiding a large and diverse group of individuals with varying levels of responsibility and seniority."

"She brings an unparalleled attention to detail and an exceptional work ethic breeding collective work to be delivered by all parties. "

"Anushree is a strategic thinker who makes quick, informed decisions under pressure and has the unique ability to break down complex issues into manageable parts to develop actionable plans."

"Anushree is skilled at anticipating the next topic and making adjustments by thinking ahead 2 to 3 steps."

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