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Hope Garcia

Fractional Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer

As a senior executive and having led multiple business units, including business development, partnerships, customer care, marketing, and legal, Hope Garcia has a proven track record of success in identifying and driving strategic goals and growth.  


Her ability to lead and manage cross-functional teams, as well as her ability to navigate complex social, industry, governmental, and regulatory issues, has been instrumental in the success of strategic initiatives across multiple businesses. 


Utilizing her legal skills to identify opportunities and risks, Hope is a trusted thought partner bringing to light additional viewpoints, potential outcomes, and an innate sense of who needs to be involved to solve complex business challenges.

"Choose a direction and keep moving;

while risks and opportunities approach,

standing still will only lead you

to stagnation."

Hope Garcia



USC Gould School of Law 

Juris Doctor


University of Denver

BA, Psychology, Sociology


Tumblr - Head of Global BD & Strategic Partnerships


Tumblr - General Counsel


Yahoo! Inc. - Senior Director - Legal


Business Development


Strategic Transactions


As a seasoned business development and partnerships professional, Hope excels at helping companies achieve their growth goals by creating and executing strategic plans.

Whether it's an M&A transaction or launching a new tech product or feature, she brings a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail to every project, helping to drive strategic change and keep the business ahead of the competition.

Core Competency

Partnerships & Business Dev. Strategy

Hope uses strategic BD & partnerships to execute a company’s vision and create the path forward through complex change to growth and success


Getting to a win-win is Hope’s goal in any negotiation and she uses her ability to identify what people really want (even when they don’t say it) to ensure that her client’s needs are first and foremost, while also ensuring that everyone is moving forward toward the same goal.


Through ownership changes, changing company values, changing leadership, changing roles, changing business units, changing products, changing regulations - no matter the challenge, Hope has a successful history of acknowledging it, rolling up her sleeves, and diving in to tackle it.




Years of experience in business development, strategic partnerships, leadership, law, and nonprofits.



Served including Social Services, Nonprofit, Digital Advertising, Social Media, ECommerce, Digital Content, Legal, and SaaS.



Grit + Compassion. Applying the combination of grit and compassion is my superpower for positive change.



Women’s Equity, Youth Leadership & Education, Racial Equity, Families in Poverty, Suicide Prevention, and Animal Rescue.

What Executives Say

 Words on the street

 Inquire of any individual

 who collaborated with Hope

 and a consistent theme will emerge

 in their testimonials.

"Hope promotes innovative thinking and grasped the nuances of our user base and the technologies we employ to address legal and regulatory obstacles, thus actively contributing ideas to the conversation."

"Hope's key strength lies in her aptitude for identifying the appropriate individuals to involve in problem-solving situations, and knowing when to integrate others who can contribute to the discussion or decision-making process."

"Hope’s biggest impact is being able to see the holistic picture, drive through thorny and complex issues, and just get it done."

"Hope understands things from all angles and take that into account with negotiations and strategy setting."

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