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Rúna Bouius

Fractional Leadership Officer

Rúna Bouius is a former CEO and entrepreneur from Iceland and the creator of the True Power Institute.


Based in Los Angeles, she is involved in purpose-driven projects fostering equitable, non-volatile, and regenerative economies based on human needs and designed from the wisdom and patterns of nature. As an example, Rúna was a co-founder of the Coventina Foundation building an ecosystem of projects powered by Holochain

Rúna is a published author, including co-author of the international bestseller “The Successful Mind: Tools to Living a Purposeful, Productive, and Happy Life.” 

Runa Bouius
Inspiring others

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“POWER Is The Ability To Effect Change." 

Rúna Bouius


Menntaskolinn i Reykjavik, Iceland. 

Natural History studies

The School of Life

Experiential learning through building and running businesses, leading people and creating customer value.



Since 2014

2014- 2015

Conscious Capitalism LA Chapter

Co-Founder & Board Member


Rúnora LLC

Founder & CEO


Executive Conscious Coaching

Next Generation Team Mentoring

Personal Core,  Stress Management and Emotional intelligence Training

Rúna is on the vanguard of the new-business-paradigm thinking, the future of leadership in the workplace, and the development of the new leader.

She specializes in helping purpose-driven and visionary leaders and influencers to accelerate their journey towards greater wisdom, positive impact, and TRUE POWER through mastery of Conscious Leadership. 


Core Competency


She offers a unique methodology for helping leaders in both business and the corporate world teaching leaders to be more conscious in their leadership roles.


Rúna helps individuals to discover their true values and motivations by encouraging them to put together disparate thoughts and interests.


Rúna is a natural connector and enjoys bringing value to others by connecting them.




Years of experience in building relationship and strategic alliances, articulating communication with a passion for building and mentoring the next generation of leaders and their leadership capacity.



Times CEO. She is serial entrepreneur from Iceland and a practiced professional with international scope and experience.



Entrepreneurship | Big Picture Visioning | Relationship Building | Leadership Development | Coaching & Mentoring | Facilitation | Inspirational Leadership | Conscious Leadership | Conscious Business | Next Generation Leaders | Emotional Intelligence | Personal Core & Stress Management | Partnerships



Author, speaker, Leader and coach, Rúna expresses her multiple talents to deal with complexity and brings a highly valuable blend of visionary incisiveness and the ability to fully dive into the present with practical application and execution. 

Interviews & Podcast

Happy Clients

What they're saying

Thought Leadership

What Is Your Role In The Story Of Humanity?

The Changing Nature Of Power In Leadership

Principal Consultant at The Spur Group

Rúna's style is truly unique. She blends her seasoned executive-level leadership experience with unapologetic feminine power and an unmistakable Icelandic charm. Through our work together, Rúna helped me piece disparate thoughts and interests into an actionable plan to uncover my purpose and evolve my career. This set me on a path of self-discovery that eventually led to acknowledging where my TRUE values and motivations had shifted. I'm now focused solely on health and wellness work and am a Well Accredited Professional – something I couldn't have predicted this time last year.

Jessica Payne

Digital Strategist

Rúna is a powerhouse of wisdom, insights, and coaching that is truly creating transformation in the world. Her unique methodology of helping leaders, men and women, in both the business and corporate spaces, centers on Conscious Leadership. C-Suite executives in companies big and small can stand to benefit immensely from having Rúna speak to their teams and help them shift their mindset and their actions in a way that allows them to connect better with their employees and give them more of what THEY want so that their company's retention is higher and those employees (and other partners) feel more engaged and connected every day in what they're doing.

Justin Keltner


I hired Rúna as a coach and consultant to design and facilitate workshops for a group of senior leaders while I was leading the Talent function at LRW. She brought powerful distinctions to our leaders about their fear patterns and taught us how to work with and through our fears. Working with senior leaders in an organization is not an easy task. Rúna created a safe container for us to explore some of our most protected and sensitive parts, which allowed us all to see more fully into ourselves and one another. Rúna has integrated her business acumen with a vast toolkit of adult development methods and techniques, all coming together to catalyze individual and collective transformation.

Kent H. Frazier

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