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Kelly Olson

Fractional Chief Customer Officer

Partnering with Founders, CEOs, and GTM leaders, Kelly’s blend of marketing agency and SaaS customer success leadership expertise ensures robust collaboration across post-sales teams to drive retention and foster growth. Her customer strategies are built on scalable process foundations, leveraging key use cases and segmentation to accelerate time to value. 


Kelly has an innate ability to focus on the outcome: starting with the why and then enabling the how through efficient growth, removing roadblocks, and ultimately retaining and expanding your customers. She listens for the smallest details from your team and turns them into opportunities for customer value and adoption. 


Bring Kelly on your team to transform chaos into order and leverage her expertise in building departments from the ground up.

Kelly Olson, Fractional Chief Customer Officer
women working

 "Let the customer's voice be your guide;
in their words, find the path
to improvement and growth."

Kelly Olson



University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.),

Political Science and Business Certificate​


Since 2023

KO Knows Consulting



Blue Ocean

Director of Customer Success


George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

Account Director - Account Manager - Project Manager


Process & Playbook Creation

Metrics Dashboard Implementation

Customer Growth & Retention

strategy and focus form


Kelly thrives on bringing order to chaos. She has a habit of joining organizations in order to build out entire departments. Once she completed a 4th build from the ground up as a full time employee, she decided to go fractional in order to bring her talents to more clients! 


Her blend of strategy and execution allows Kelly to work cross-functionally to build trust, create and improve processes, and maximize customer retention. Kelly’s leadership style is grounded in truth, empathy, and the power of constructive feedback, earning her the trust and respect of her peers, direct reports, and industry leaders alike.

Core Competency


Kelly’s passions for traveling and people-watching have sharpened her ability to intuitively grasp and respond to the subtleties of human behavior and needs. 

Strategic Thinking

Strategy is really a set of choices we make to get from where we are to where we want to be. Kelly uses observations, insights and ideas to create frameworks for organizations to take action and reach solutions.

Problem Solving

Roadblocks crumble around Kelly. Her toolkit includes both agency and SaaS strategies for building successful operations and continually assessing their effectiveness and measuring outcomes.




Established partner program that generated $14M in revenue over 4 years.



Increased agency satisfaction by 10% through process improvement initiatives.



Scaled CS operations with automated outreach and tech-touch playbooks.



Implemented renewal pipeline forecasting to maintain stable ARR despite macro-economic conditions.


Agency Client

Kelly is one of the most diligent, thoughtful, and forward-thinking strategic operations leaders I have worked with. She is especially adept at anticipating needs, questions, and bringing solutions to the table when there are challenges. Not only does she go above and beyond in her role, but she is also a delight to work with on a day-to-day basis.

SaaS Customer

What truly set Kelly apart was her hands-on approach. She not only worked alongside her customers but also coached us through a dual lens—strategic and tactical.

I could always rely on her for constructive feedback and best practices, making our collaboration beneficial to our business and enjoyable!

Agency Client

Kelly is a highly organized and detail oriented individual with a deep understanding of customer needs.

She looks at processes and programs always with a critical eye to ensure they meet the needs of the business and the customer while also being open to new ideas and recommendations.

Hire Your Fractional Executive

5 Core Principles for Tech Startups and Agencies

When I’m working with clients, we focus on how to stop fighting fires and build efficient post-sales customer experiences and scalable processes. That supports customers who achieve their outcomes and predictable revenue. When starting from the ground up, I continue to return to these 5 guiding principles. 

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