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Ann Clifford

Fractional Chief Recruiting Officer

Ann Clifford shines as a beacon in talent acquisition, revolutionizing recruitment with her unique blend of skills and experience. Her passion for optimizing hiring outcomes combines with a strategic acumen that sets her apart.


Ann's ability to discern top talent is unparalleled, delving deep into clients' needs to align them with their organizational goals. Her journey across various industries like Industrial Automation, Manufacturing, and Technology engineering, enriches her with deep insights into diverse hiring requirements. 


Ann's tailored recruitment solutions, especially for businesses without dedicated HR, showcase her talent in transforming hiring challenges into opportunities. In the dynamic world of talent acquisition, Ann stands as a symbol of innovation and growth.

Ann Clifford

"The key to successful hiring lies in recognizing

that every candidate has a story.

Our job is to find those whose stories

will write the next chapters of our company's success."



Kelley School of Business

Bachelors in Science, Accounting​


Indiana University

Certified Public Accountant


Since 1998

Safari Solutions



Recruitment Strategy

Sales consulting & recruiting

Project management


Innovative in her approach to recruitment, Ann constantly seeks fresh and inventive ways to revolutionize the industry. Her ability to adapt to evolving trends and technologies, combined with a forward-thinking mindset, enables her to consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions to her clients' hiring challenges. 


Ann's creative strategies and unwavering commitment to innovation set her apart as a trailblazing professional in the recruitment arena, ensuring that she remains at the forefront of the ever-changing landscape of talent acquisition.

Core Competency

Strategic and Problem-Solving

Ann's has the ability to bring an owner's perspective to organizational dynamics. Her expertise in grasping and addressing the intricacies of human resources challenges, coupled with her capacity to provide innovative solutions and fresh perspectives, makes her an essential resource for managing complex people-related issues.She possess a natural inclination to explore and be curious, actively seeking information in areas of specialization that lead to innovation.

Entrepreneurial Insight and Understanding

 Ann's experience as an entrepreneur herself enables her to deeply understand and relate to the challenges and objectives of other business owners. This insight allows her to effectively assist in finding the right staff and providing valuable advice on navigating the labor market and recruiting processes.

People and Business Acumen

Ann's exceptional understanding of people and business, which makes her a valuable asset in various roles - whether as a friend, client, or strategic business connection. Her ability to translate her ideas into reality, coupled with her positive attitude and energy, contributes to her success in her ventures.




25+ experience recruiting talent for companies struggling to hire talent through their own efforts.



In the last 25 years, Ann has recruited for companies in the United States and Canada serving nearly 800 businesses.



With deep knowledge in industries like Industrial Automation, Manufacturing, Technology, Construction, Engineering/Architecture, Distribution Services, and Professional Services, Ann provides specialized insight and guidance for finding the right talent in these sectors.



Ann has held a wide variety of functional positions and has excelled in recruiting sales, marketing, engineers, operations, management, and administration.


Happy Customers

What they're saying

I have told everyone I know that your firm assisted me in making the best hiring decision of my career!

David Amick,

Executive Director, Premier Capital Corporation 

Your sales hiring process is far more defined than a typical recruiter and we value your ability to objectively evaluate candidates.


We will continue to work with Safari Solutions for future hiring needs.

AYoshii management was exceptionally satisfied with the guidance and advisory provided in aligning stakeholders, resources, and the organization towards the next stages of business growth through innovation. We have learned where the most promising opportunities lie in evolving the organization, positioning employees for more critical thinking and strategic work with improved operational efficiencies, intelligent data analytics, and AI.

Dr. James Leiber

Owner, Regenexx

Thought Leadership

Helping Companies Hire Game-Changers

In an interview with Manage HR, Ann Clifford shares insights into how her company brings a world of difference to the recruitment space with the help of strategic hiring processes that deliver quality candidates.

Chasing the Illusive

How the Purple Squirrel Phenomenon is Reshaping Recruitment

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