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Sonia Cook-Broen

Fractional Technologist Officer

Sonia has a sixth sense when it comes to understanding broken processes. A systematic issue creates a burden felt by all members of a team and outward to the company. Whatever the issue, there are times when a trusted advisor is needed to assess the landscape and make recommendations on a path forward. 

Sonia’s other big passion is unlocking the latent potential of teams stuck in inertia. This process involves deeply understanding the culture of a firm, the management organization, the mission statement and the individual contributors. The successful outcome of unlocking potential is a complete mindshift for organizations and one that is necessary to be a top competitor in the marketplace of tomorrow.

Sonia Cook-Broen

“What you believe you are capable of

is exactly what you are capable of."



Salesforce Platform

Developer I & II Certification


SMCC Portland, ME

A.S. Computer Science



Loyola University, New Orleans

Studio Arts & Graphic Design


Since 2021

Senior Manager Technical Ecosystem Enablement

2019 - 2021


Lead Developer



Lead Software Engineer


Technical Content Building & Strategy

Innovation & Design

Technical Leadership


The combination of art and design helps to create concepts, which in turn leads to the implementation of industry-changing designs.


As an artist, Sonia has helped organizations adapt to rapid technology changes and consumer desires by facilitating change management.

She ensures that gaps or misalignments are not known painted over with new technologies, more processes and more overhead.

Core Competency


Sonia inspires her teams to apply creative thinking in a truly unique refinement process.


Sonia's incredible artistic depth and wealth of knowledge in design empowers marketing, sales and executives.


Sonia shares her expert coding skills to lead teams in refactoring legacy code, enhancing existing features, and implementing brand new features.




In full stack development focused on cloud based applications including security, solution design and architecture.



Leading software teams from small startups to enterprise scale.



In the IT & software space including frontend & backend frameworks and languages, data visualization and metrics tooling, SASS & PASS, Agile tools, design and marketing tools, collaboration tools and SDLC tools.



 Including legal, fintech, high-tech, life-science, academia, insurance, media, cybersecurity and healthcare

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Sonia is also someone that you can really talk with and collaborate on different projects and ideas.


I love the fact that she is not just looking to "do things the way that they've always been done" but go beyond, see the bigger picture and look to continue to evolve and grow

Senior Manager, Software Engineering at Salesforce

Sonia is a natural leader and will often spark meaningful conversation that is beneficial to the project or task at hand. As an engineer she is sharp, detail oriented, consistent, and thorough in her work. During our code reviews she always provides great feedback and is able to communicate that feedback tactfully. Sonia is easy to learn from and I'm indeed a better developer having worked with her for the last year and a half.

Lead Application Developer at Thumbtack

Sonia led us in refactoring legacy code, enhancing existing features, and implementing brand new features. In addition to tons of Salesforce experience, Sonia brings to the table a stellar work ethic, a keen instinct for process and team structure, and brilliant coding skills. Sonia is also very optimistic, and always approaches challenges with a smile. She seems to always have a path forward whenever the going gets tough, and is eager to help teammates with whatever they need in order to succeed.

Senior Software Developer at Litify

Creative Technology in The Age of AI

I became part of the AcornOak community after my corporate career as a software engineer and engineering manager reached its apex following the 2023 layoffs. 


This unplanned pause forced me to consider my path and the next steps I would take, which led to founding my startup, TheTechMargin, and joining the community of thought leaders that comprise AcornOak.

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