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Creative Technology in The Age of AI

Updated: Jul 9

I became part of the AcornOak community after my corporate career as a software engineer and engineering manager reached its apex following the 2023 layoffs. 

Discover why I'm passionate about my work by watching this brief 2-minute introduction video!

This unplanned pause forced me to consider my path and the next steps I would take, which led to founding my startup, TheTechMargin, and joining the community of thought leaders that comprise AcornOak.

A Journey of Learning and Adaptation

Born in California and raised across continents, my life has been a canvas of continuous learning and adaptation. My unrooted and unconventional background laid the foundation for my unique approach to technology and creativity, allowing me to see beyond the binaries of art and tech. 

My career journey, which started as an artist and designer before delving into software engineering, is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary exploration.

My experience, spanning global cultures and industries, has fostered a deep understanding of user experience—not just as a technical metric but as an outside-in approach to problem-solving that puts the human (user) at the forefront.

TheTechMargin: A Story of Transformation & Integration

The birth of my company, TheTechMargin, was inspired by my experiences as a female software engineer and the marginal spaces I navigated. 

Early in my career, I realized that my unique position as a female engineer (less than 20% of software engineers are female) was an asset as long as I had allies in my court. I decided to create a company around the vision of expanding creativity in tech.

Not deterred by the lack of an existing model encapsulating the (seemingly) divergent concepts I wished to overlay, I set out to establish a platform of expression that leverages the latest technological tools. 

After years behind corporate guardrails, I was like a kid in a candy shop, spoiled for choice by the technology at my fingertips. 

I finally settled on three pillars: content, commerce, and education. By implementing these three pillars, I built a funnel for my audience to engage with and learn about technology, creative processes, and applications in both the artistic and technical realms.

Bridging the Gap in Tech and Creativity

TheTechMargin is a platform where technology and creativity converge. 

It is a logical combination for me but a challenging message to deliver in a world where we understand creative and technical disciplines to have little intersectional overlap. 

Considering the current trend of technology towards hyper-automation and AI integration, placing humans at the forefront of business decision-making processes is vital. Increasing creative thought and diversity in tech requires humanistic thinking. There is a gap in thought leadership here, and I aim to bridge this gap with my work at TheTechMargin.

Engaging a Global Audience

Grateful for a YouTube channel boasting a 100,00 followers in less than a year and a thriving newsletter, I engage with a global audience, sharing my insights on creativity and technology. As I continue to grow my audience, I am adding affiliate partnerships and sponsorship opportunities to my revenue matrix. 

At the core of my philosophy is the belief that technology should be accessible, non-harmful, and amplify the human experience. 

In an era when technology increasingly shapes our lives, embracing creativity might be the key to designing an efficient, enriching, and inclusive future. 

Through my work at TheTechMargin and involvement with the AcornOak community, I am committed to inspiring a new generation of creative technologists, ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow with a perfect blend of artistry and innovation.

About the Author

Sonia Cook-Broen

Founder of The Tech Margin. 

Sonia has a sixth sense when it comes to understanding broken processes. A systematic issue creates a burden all team members feel and outward to the company.

Through courses and content, TheTechMargin is building virality around the idea of creative tech in the age of AI and encouraging us to put aside fear and doubt and seize the opportunity to amplify existing skills and buffer skills we lack through experimentation with AI.

Read Sonia’s bio.

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