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Unlocking the Power of Innovation: How to Foster Creativity in Your Technical Team

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Innovation is a key driver of success in today's fast-paced business world, but is your team truly innovative?

Many companies struggle to foster a culture of innovation, often due to a focus on measuring productivity rather than supporting the critical foundation that enables creativity (the precursor to innovation).

In this video, fractional Chief Technologist Officer, Sonia Cook Broen challenges the mindset that measurable productivity is the best indicator of success. Sonia prefers to align success with abundance-based thinking, arguing that creatives and technicians alike must be empowered to ask challenging questions in order to spark the flame of innovation.

About the Author

Sonia Cook-Broen

Fractional Chief Technology Officer

As a Fractional Technologist Officer, Sonia has a sixth sense when it comes to understanding broken processes. A systematic issue creates a burden felt by all members of a team and outward to the company.

Whatever the issue, there are times when a trusted advisor is needed to assess the landscape and make recommendations on a path forward.

Sonia’s big passion is unlocking the latent potential of teams stuck in inertia. This process involves deeply understanding the culture of a firm, the management organization, the mission statement and the individual contributors. The successful outcome of unlocking potential is a complete mindshift for organizations and one that is necessary to be a top competitor in the marketplace of tomorrow.

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