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Lica Patterson

Fractional Chief Information Governance & Change Management Officer.

Lica Patterson, a seasoned leader in technology solutions delivery with two decades of experience, possesses an impressive skill set, including risk management, IT and information governance, and supply chain expertise. 


Beyond her technical acumen, Lica's true distinction lies in her role as an enterprise change agent, mentor, and advocate for inclusive leadership. She transforms complexity into cohesion, steering organizations toward excellence. 


Her journey at Deloitte, where she was part of the leadership team to expand the Digital Contact Center practice (tech start-up in Deloitte) to over $300M in less than a year, highlights her strategic prowess.


For businesses and CEOs seeking transformative leadership, Lica is an invaluable asset.

Lica Patterson

"Change is inevitable and shouldn't invoke agita;

rather, it's how we make progress towards acceptance of that change to establish and or permeate an organization's culture."



M.S, Information Technology Management with a focus on Data Analytics


B.S, Technical Project Management with a focus on eCommerce


Since 2023

Managing Partner & COO

Holliday & Associates



Senior Director, Global Advisory Services



Senior Manager, Digital Contact Center




Strategic Acumen


Lica is the embodiment of versatility in the world of technology solutions delivery. With her multifaceted skill set and adaptability, she seamlessly navigates the intricacies of various domains, from business operations and information governance to supply chain expertise. 

Lica's versatility is not limited to her technical acumen but extends to her role as a mentor and advocate for inclusive leadership, where she fosters growth and cohesion. She is the linchpin that transforms complex challenges into opportunities for success, making her an invaluable asset to any organization.

Core Competency

Enterprise Program and Change Management

Lica has been a guiding force for organizations looking to optimize and transform their business operations through technology. She's had the privilege of leading numerous technology projects spanning the gamut of critical IT functions, all while making the case for change.

Risk Management

Even the smallest projects encounter risks, whether known or unknown; Lica’s ability to help clients anticipate, identify and establish mitigation strategies for some of their most pressing risks, sets her apart.


When Lica fully understood ‘followership’, a term coined by one of her past employers, she realized her strength as a leader.

Prioritizing and supporting the aspirations of her team, resulted in both clients and team members reaching their full potential.




Lica brings two decades of expertise to the table, demonstrating a depth of knowledge that's invaluable in navigating complex challenges.



Her pivotal role in expanding Deloitte's Digital Contact Center practice to over $300 million showcases her strategic leadership and business development acumen.



As a PMO (Project Management Office) leader, she led a team of 16 practitioners, reflecting her ability to manage and coordinate large teams effectively.



In her role as the Senior Director for Lighthouse’s global advisory services, Lica led the IT consulting group as well as provided executive oversight for a portfolio of 75 information governance engagements.


Words on the street

Inquire of any individual who collaborated with Lica and a consistent theme will emerge in their testimonials.

“Lica is the ideal Project Manager, seamlessly blending meticulous attention to detail, strong work ethics, and effective communication to ensure project success.”

“Lica exceptional ability to translate complex business requirements into technical solutions, combined with unwavering work ethics, makes her a valuable asset to any organization.”

“Lica's hands-on approach, dedication to keeping projects on track, and her decisiveness in achieving results make her a standout Project Manager for high-demand endeavors.”

“She has honed her Project Management expertise through consistent, on-time, and under-budget project deliveries, underpinned by client satisfaction and cross-functional teamwork.”

Thought Leadership

Hire Your Fractional Executive

Prioritizing Information Governance and Risk Strategy for a Dynamic Economic Climate

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