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Susan Willig

Fractional Marketing Officer

Susan Willig, a seasoned marketing professional with over 30 years of experience in healthcare and digital innovation. She is a trailblazing brand strategist; her areas of expertise encompass the development of impactful marketing initiatives and teams; as well as proficiency in digital, omnichannel marketing; and business strategy.

Susan excels at harmonizing global teams and guiding organizations in purposeful resourcing, structure, and growth strategies. Her visionary approach leads to impactful brand strategies, exceeding objectives, and fostering meaningful customer experiences.

Driven by a passion for health access equity, Susan forges partnerships and creates educational outreach opportunities. Her holistic skill set and dedication set her apart in the industry.

Susan Willig

"Thoughtful consideration of behavior change is the cornerstone

of effective brand and marketing strategies."



The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Certificate


Xavier University



Wright State University

B.S Marketing


Since 2022

Founder, Chief Marketing and Brand Strategist

2017 - 2022

Edwards Lifesciences 

Vice President, Health Access Equity and Patient Engagement (THV)


Edwards Lifesciences 

Senior Director, Global Digital Innovation and US Market Development


Brand Strategy

Digital Health

Inclusive Leadership

Healthcare Pioneer & Digital Expert

Susan's passion burns bright as she wholeheartedly champions innovative programs and initiatives that elevate the standard of care, with a particular focus on empowering women.

A recognized authority in disease and therapy awareness, she possesses a deep understanding of direct-to-consumer (DTC) and direct-to-healthcare professionals' (DTHCP) strategies, as well as a mastery of digital innovation and marketing.

Core Competency


Susan is a disciplined strategist using proven marketing and brand frameworks and models to establish the “true north” foundation from which to launch, grow and thrive.


As a trailblazer in her field, Susan is proven expert for her ability to create new and impactful, multichannel programs and launch campaigns that drive behavior change.


Susan is a pathfinder – she has the ability to coalesce diverse elements, ideas, or perspectives into new programs, initiatives, and  teams,  leading to more innovative or impactful outcomes.




Over 30 years of experience in healthcare and digital innovation  for market leaders such as Edwards Lifesciences, Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, and Gateway computer



Susan has a track record of successfully leading and expanding high-performing global teams, growing to an 18-member team resulting in exceptional year-over-year growth with operational and key impact metrics experiencing a significant 25 to 50% increase.



By thoroughly re-evaluating and strategically adjusting her channel and tactic mix, Susan has significantly amplified her impact and achieved remarkable returns while staying within the confines of her existing budget.



She managed and maximized budgets from $100k to $37M, delivering maximum impact at scale. 

Closeup of a Petri Dish

Susan respectfully challenges the status quo and is a champion for the difference marketing can make for a business and for the customers we serve, particularly those with unmet or underserved needs.


She is one of the savviest, brightest strategic minds I've worked with, a master at co-creating a vision and empowering a team to come up with innovative solutions and programs to deliver on it in a measurable way.


A compassionate, generous leader, mentor, and colleague whom one learns every day. Susan gets it done with passion, purpose, and drive. She'll bring a ton of courage, conviction, ideas, and energy to any company, team, or collaborative effort she is a part of, to ensure a successful outcome for all stakeholders.

Vice-President of Marketing

I highly recommend Susan for any company, big or small, needing to build a stronger brand, create a meaningful value proposition, develop cohesion and “buy-in” on their team and with their customers.


Susan is a top marketing and brand strategist who has the ability to touch your customers or patients to make them take action. Her ability to create a clear message will unite your team to get behind the vision created.


Susan is honest, genuine, authentic, hard-working, and has a unique way of looking at your business to pull the BEST out of it. I cannot recommend her enough

Senior Vice President, US Sales and Marketing

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