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Angela Darilis

Fractional Chief Talent Officer

Angela Darilis stands out as an executive leader skilled in developing and driving impactful business solutions.

At the helm of global talent acquisition, she leads by example, fostering environments for rapid growth and scale. Angela’s expertise spans data storytelling, labor analytics, and talent assessment.


She has significantly contributed to Amazon’s talent strategy, innovating in DEI initiatives and talent engagement.

Her leadership at Amazon and other major corporations reflects her commitment to excellence in talent management.

"Focus on what matters most and work backward.

It's the secret to delivering

high-quality, high-velocity results."

Angela Darilis



Teachers College, Columbia University.

Master of Education - MEd, Counseling Psychology


Columbia University

Master of Arts - MA,  Industrial and Organizational Psychology 


St. John's University

BA, Major in Psychology, Minor in International Relations



Material Bank

Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition



Senior Talent Acquisition Leader



JBC Holdings

Strategic Leadership and Global Talent Acquisition


Leadership Development

Strategic Talent Acquisition

Client Relationship Management


Angela's innovative approach in talent acquisition stems from her ability to integrate cutting-edge HR technologies with progressive strategies in a constantly evolving corporate landscape. She has a knack for foreseeing industry trends and seamlessly incorporating them into her methodologies.


Her innovative skillset is further highlighted in her commitment to Talent Development, where she employs data analytics and digital transformation tools to not only recruit but also retain and nurture top talent. 


Angela's ability to blend traditional HR practices with modern, tech-driven solutions showcases her as a trailblazer in talent acquisition, constantly pushing the boundaries and setting new benchmarks in the field.

Core Competency

Talent Development and Emotional Intelligence

Angela's ability to nurture growth within her team stands out. She invests time in understanding each member's unique strengths and areas for improvement, guiding them to excel both personally and professionally. Her emotional intelligence is evident in her empathetic leadership style, fostering an environment of open communication and collaboration.

Strategic Vision in Talent Acquisition 

Angela is commended for her strategic vision and expertise in talent acquisition and program management. Her approach is not just about fulfilling immediate needs; it's about foreseeing long-term goals and aligning talent strategies accordingly, showcasing her ability to think and plan strategically.

Client-focused Approach 

Angela consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of client needs and challenges, providing valuable insights and solutions. Her testimonials highlight her dedication to going the extra mile to deliver on commitments and her responsiveness in handling complex, technical environments. Her ability to tailor solutions to specific client needs and her quick reaction in resolving issues reflect her strong client focus and problem-solving abilities.




Angela has accumulated twenty years of experience as a consultant and highly talented talent acquisition leader - building hiring solutions for the future.



In her role involving global workforce strategy, Angela was responsible for staffing and development across more than 200 site locations, demonstrating her extensive influence and operational reach.



While working in talent acquisition and workforce strategy, Angela was responsible for the successful delivery of staffing for over 200 site locations, achieving over 95,000 hires.



Angela has scaled hiring productivity for teams large and small using technology and process improvements.


Happy Customers

What they're saying

As a Recruiting Manager at Amazon, I had the distinct privilege of working under Angela for 6+ years. In my professional journey, I have encountered numerous leaders, but Angela's ability to develop talent and her exceptional emotional intelligence truly set her apart.

Angela's strategic vision and expertise in Talent Acquisition and Program Management are truly commendable, but it is her commitment to nurturing the growth of her team that left a lasting impression on me. She genuinely invested time in understanding each team member's unique strengths and areas for improvement, providing insightful guidance and support that empowered us to excel both personally and professionally.

Her emotional intelligence was evident in her approach to leadership, as she consistently demonstrated empathy and understanding while fostering an environment of open communication and collaboration. Angela's ability to connect with her team on a deeper level created a strong sense of trust, which ultimately led to a highly motivated and goal-driven work atmosphere.

Angela's dedication to talent development and her commitment to investing in her teams have significantly influenced my professional growth. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such an extraordinary leader and mentor. I wholeheartedly recommend Angela to any organization seeking a leader who not only possesses exceptional domain expertise but also excels at nurturing and developing the potential of their team members.

Josh Heydorff

Talent Acquisition Leader | Center of Excellence Architect | Amazon President

Angela is a fearless and devoted leader and the ultimate problem solver. I absolutely loved being on her team. Her forte is creating and implementing innovative solutions that enable businesses to scale. In fact, she played a monumental role in developing the processes Amazon uses to hire warehouse workers today.

Program Manager, Talent Acquisition - Health Services

Angela is a builder, visionary and a strategist by nature. Angela’s leadership skills are exceptional as she knows how to highlight the right skill set on individuals . I have partnered with Angela for several years building solutions for both Domestic and Global markets. She is a subject matters expert on how to maximizing process by gaining efficiency. Angela leads with empathy and definitely a great asset to have when building new initiatives. Angela has the ability strategically predict where problems are going to arise and anticipate solutions.

Senior Manager LATAM/JP/Canada Amazon

I have had the privilege of collaborating with Angela for several years both as a member of the team, and as a subject matter expert on talent, recruiting and overarching strategy and insight. Her exceptional leadership skills and ability to inspire others were evident in every project we worked on together. Angela is a natural leader with excellent communication abilities and a strategic mindset. Her emotional intelligence brings out the best in indviduals, creater world-class teams, and makes working with her a pleasure. Angela is an A++ player.

Thought Leadership

As a Fractional Talent Officer and drawing upon my extensive experience in scaling numerous business organizations, I've distilled four key insights into navigating the art and science of rapid growth.

Growing Fast, Staying Nimble: The Unexpected Strategy


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