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Lisa Schenk

Fractional Chief People & Talent Officer

With a rock-solid foundation of data-driven diagnoses and a profound grasp of human dynamics and complex systems, Lisa has established her consulting business as a powerhouse in the industry. Throughout her illustrious career, she has collaborated with countless teams and guided numerous leaders towards achieving peak performance.


Passionate about the idea of making the world a better place through effective business practices, Lisa dedicates herself to helping organizations function optimally for the benefit of people. She collaborates closely with Private Equity firms, Boards, and CEOs, providing invaluable insights and expertise to accelerate success. From strategic planning to executive coaching, and from culture change to M&A discovery, Lisa's diverse skill set ensures that her clients achieve remarkable outcomes.

- Lisa Schenk

“A deep understanding of human dynamics complemented by data-driven insights can revolutionized

the way we do business."


Lisa's passion knows no bounds. From strategic planning to executive coaching, she propels Private Equity, Boards, and CEOs to unparalleled success.


Her journey brims with awe-inspiring clients like Disney, McKinsey & Co., and NBC Universal, fueling her pursuit of fostering a culture of excellence.

For her, it's the bedrock of unstoppable growth and boundless prosperity.



University of Southern California

Ph.D., Communication


San Diego State University

Master's Degree, Organizational Communication


Since 2014

Schenk Communications Group

Since 2003

Conscious Capitalism, Los Angeles



Lieberman Research Worldwide

Vice President, HR


Executive Coaching

Building High-Performance Teams

Strategic Planning & Communication

Core Competency


As a seasoned leadership professional, Lisa's mission is to empower and cultivate leaders, leading them on a path to success through a potent blend of strategic planning, personalized executive coaching, and the nurturing of a culture steeped in excellence. With her guidance, leaders discover their true potential and unlock the keys to achieving remarkable outcomes in their professional journey.

Team Development

In the domain of team development, she specializes in building and enhancing high-performing teams within organizations, leveraging data-driven diagnoses and a profound understanding of human dynamics and complex systems to drive positive change.


In the sphere of communication, Lisa excels in honing and enhancing individuals' communication skills, providing personalized coaching to executives, and empowering them to have a profound impact on teams and in boardrooms. Her approach is rooted in a humanistic perspective, prioritizing effective interpersonal dynamics and bottom-line impact.




An exceptional professional with a remarkable track record spanning over two decades and an unwavering dedication revolves around propelling the success of both companies and individuals alike.



Throughout her illustrious career, Lisa has been a driving force behind numerous achievements, collaborating with hundreds of teams, and leaving an indelible mark on the organizations and people she has worked with.



Lisa’s clients include Disney, NBC Universal, McKinsey & Co., United Airlines, the Gap, Princess Cruise Lines, Putnam Investments, DaVita, Amgen, and the University of Southern California.



Having lent her expertise to thousands of leaders, Lisa has been instrumental in guiding them toward reaching high-performance levels and amplifying their influence within teams and boardrooms.

Happy Customers

What they're saying

Lisa Schenk is one of those rare HR leaders who blends deep expertise, practical application and a relationship focus. I've had the opportunity to work with Lisa at every level--as my coach, as the leader of my HR organization, and as a coach and leadership development expert for my leadership team. She produces sustainable results and has the vision to be transformative for people and teams.

Jeff Reynolds, CEO

Lisa is a phenomenal leader, coach, and strategist. I first met Lisa as my personal executive coach. She was fearless! She candidly told me exactly what I needed to hear about a variety of topics from leadership style, communication methods, and strategy development. However, it was her insightful and compassionate approach that actually endeared me to her. Whether she was delivering tough to hear points of view or easy to take compliments, she always delivered it in a way that respected the situation and those involved. I learned a great deal from Lisa and she has had a profound impact on who I am as a leader. I would highly recommend Lisa to any organization or leadership team.

Brian Buck, CEO at Scotwork North America

Lisa has such a unique ability to break every opportunity or challenge down into simple yet highly strategic action steps. Her personable style combined with wicked smarts makes her an awesome personal coach for anyone looking for a friendly but much needed kick in the butt. She really helped me hone my approach to effective communication and relationship building. I use the tips and tools Lisa shared with me every day. I am sure I always will.

Eva Steortz, Ex Disney VP Marketing 

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