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Nishat Jones

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Nishat Jones is a dynamic Global Marketing and Strategy Executive, known for revitalizing organizations and building high-performing teams. 


Focusing on data-driven strategies and branding, Nishat excels in increasing profitability across various organizations. Renowned for strong leadership and a customer-centric approach, Nishat specializes in global marketing, sales planning, digital demand generation, and talent development. 


Currently, Nishat leads StratE8 as Founder and Fractional CMO, and previously held significant roles at Certified Group and Circulus Holdings, PBLLC, where she drove transformative marketing strategies and substantial growth.

Nishat Jones

"True leadership stems from individuality

that connects people

with purpose, potential, passion, and play."

Nishat Jones



Southern Methodist University

Bachelors in Business Administration


Since 2023

StratE8 LLC

Founder & CEO


Certified Group

Chief Marketing Officer



Vice President of Marketing & Strategy



Cross Functional Leadership

Brand and Digital

Strategy and planning boards


Nishat Jones stands out as a strategist due to her exceptional ability to transform marketing visions into actionable strategies.


Her experience as a Fractional CMO and in leading various high-profile marketing initiatives showcases her talent for crafting data-driven strategies that align with corporate goals. 

Core Competency

Global Marketing

and Organizational Strategy

Nishat is an expert in developing comprehensive marketing strategies that align with organizational goals on a global scale.

She is recognized for her ability to develop and execute effective business strategies in complex

Digital Demand Generation & Account-Based Marketing

Nishat is proficient in creating and implementing digital marketing campaigns that effectively generate demand and target specific accounts. She is highly skilled in various aspects of marketing, including digital platforms, brand strategy, and project management, leading to significant business growth and revenue generation.

Team Leadership

and Talent Development

Nishat has built a strong ability to lead diverse teams and nurture organizational talent to achieve collective success.

She is often praised for her strong leadership qualities, including her ability to effectively inspire and manage high-performing teams.




Over the past 25 years, Nishat’s talent has taken her across the globe to work with successful private equity, public and private organizations. 



Nishat managed teams of 2 to 20 people, and has overseen cross-departmental work in organizations of up to 40,000 people. Nishat is known for her strong leadership and emotional intelligence, and acts as a mentor/coach to individuals at all levels of seniority. 



Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Change Management, Customer Centricity, Communications, Content Writing,  Process Development, Business Development, Mentoring/Coaching, Strategy Execution.



Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Supply Chain & Logistics, Packaging, Recycling, Laboratory Testing, Regulatory Consulting, Retail, Communications, Publishing.


Happy Customers

What they're saying

Nishat’s strategic thinking, strong business acumen and ability to navigate complex business and market conditions positions her as a unique leader. Nishat has been an exceptional partner and leader in our pursuit of business growth through exceptional client experience.

Michael Bond

World Wide President Labstat International

Nishat's leadership has led the transformation of our re-branding across the multiple business units into a unified Certified Group strategy. She has also made significant progress towards our digital marketing platforms, tools and overall presence. It is truly a pleasure to work such a strong leader of people who has the experience and ability to deliver results for the business.

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