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What Is the Impact of Holochain Technology on Our Society, Businesses and Personal Lives?

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Pass the Mic Podcast Series is an unscripted group discussion born out of AcornOak’s belief in the power of many voices.

Each episode begins with one question asked of a small group of four to six open-minded and passionate individuals who explore complex and difficult concepts with curiosity, uncertain beliefs, and the willingness to objectively listen and learn from the shared insights of others.

In our eighteenth episode, our guests discuss the impact of Holochain technology.

Starting the Conversation

As the podcast host, Virginie Glaenzer paved the way for this conversation led by Jean-François Noubel who explores the world of distributed technologies with Rúna Bouius and Arthur Brock.

Welcoming Our Guests

We were honored to welcome our panel of special guests eager to discuss how Holochain impacts our society and our businesses.

From Homo sapiens to Holo sapiens, Jean-François Noubel explores the next consciousness and collective intelligence. An Open-Source Earthling, he lives in the gift economy. He helps evolutionary leaders build enlightened organizations towards the post-monetary society. He lives an experimental and evolutionary life. Several years ago, he left all his positions and mandates and tore up his CV in order to free himself from any etiquette and social status. With that, he won full creative freedom to live in the present millennium. His new paths allow him to accompany evolutionary leaders and train "humanonauts,” those for whom the term "go hack yourself” designates a way to exist. For more than 20 years, he has worked in the field of collective intelligence, a modern research discipline that explores how living systems work and the evolution of our species. He works on the next crypto-technologies that will soon enable the rise of super smart distributed organizations.

Rúna Bouius is the founder and CEO of Klassík (a wholesaler of cosmetics) which she started when she was only 23 years old. During 20 years as CEO at Klassík, Rúna evolved into a “Conscious Leader.” Now based in Los Angeles she is the founder of the True Power Institute and co-founder of social platforms such as the “Conscious Capitalism LA Chapter.” Rúna is a trustee council at the Coventina Foundation, a purpose-driven foundation building an ecosystem of projects powered by Holochain and fostering equitable, non-volatile, and regenerative economies based on human needs and designed from the wisdom and patterns of nature.

Arthur Brock, Chief Architect of Holochain, Co-founder of Holo and Guardian of Coventina Foundation. He builds targeted currencies which shape the social dynamics of our emerging post-industrial economy and has created more than a hundred designs for multi-currency systems and his software company has built and deployed dozens of those systems. Initially, Arthur put his experience in Artificial Intelligence to use at GM, Chrysler & Hughes, but shifted his focus to building intelligence into social architectures rather than to computers. He started student-run schools and award-winning, employee-run businesses and discovered the engine that runs these types of organizations involve specific patterns of incentives and feedback. He began to unlock secrets of the Social DNA by which people operate and the critical role of currencies for programming these patterns.

Listen to the tour de table introduction of our participants.

Key Shared Insights & Perspectives

We Need a New Structure to Solve Society’s Social Complexity

Our human evolution brought us to a pyramidal collective intelligence with centralized, command and control, top-down, siloed structures and chains of command using centralized currencies.

Today, we’ve reached the limit of our society’s evolution due to the huge amount of complexity. It’s time now to move from top-down, siloed structures to more neuro-distributed systems which facilitate cooperation.

In addition, we are witnessing the rise of individuation (the development of the individual from the universal) with more and more people feeling dissatisfaction with the way the world works and questioning both meaning and ideology.

In the search for new social collective structures, Holochain has appeared as an open-source framework for building fully distributed, peer-to-peer applications, promising a more human internet and more fair world.

Listen to Jean-François present a global view of how Holochain fits in our human evolution.

Holochain allows our species to build new self-directed collectives with no need of centralized top down power structures. It operates the way living systems do, by emergence rather than control.

Today, our currencies are backed by products of capitalist surveillance corporations and most of the cryptocurrencies that we see right now are highly speculative and volatile. We need new currencies backed by real human needs such as food, housing, and transportation. Hosting them will be the first attempt from Holo.

Listen to Arthur’s vision on how Holochain provides a distributed framework allowing people to design and run distributed apps.

How Can Holochain Impact Our Businesses?

Co-creation of the next world by individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs starts by understanding the difference between money and wealth.

During an economic collapse, individuals and businesses can run out of money, but their knowledge and other resources remain as their wealth. Holochain is a free and open platform that enables new types of business models through contributory accounting systems allowing participants to change the value equations that identify wealth.

What invisible value could we make visible?

Patents and trade secrets are carryovers of the industrial-age success strategy to enclose value and charge for access to it. With Holochain, businesses have the opportunity to showcase, rather than hide, what’s unique about their business. For example, certified organic is a reputation currency that makes the flows and processes involved in producing food visible.

In this extract, Arthur Brock discusses how to adapt our organizations to Holochain and future business models that are about more than enclosure and extraction.

What About a Holochain Vegan Economy?

There are 200 million people in the world who have chosen a vegan lifestyle. In this extract, Jean-François Noubel describes a Holochain veganism economy which would certify a social contract to support the vegan community’s values.

Can Holochain Free our Digital Selves?

In light of the recently-released Netflix movie, “The Social Dilemma,” we witness social media platforms harming more than benefiting users.

It is clear that our digital selves don't belong to us, but to the major tech companies, and that raises questions. It’s time to ask ourselves deep questions about our online identity and digital self:

How can we become a free digital self in the online world?

Listen to Jean-François sharing his concerns.

Individual Take-Aways

As we came at the end of the hour, our group concluded the discussion in the same way we started, with a tour de table. Each participant had the opportunity to reflect on what they heard and share their take-aways from the conversation.

Listen to the last 10 minutes of the episode.

Final Thoughts to Consider

Our traditional pyramidal infrastructures are being questioned as a hindrance to our individual freedoms. The need for decentralized alternatives has emerged, resulting in new technologies such as Blockchain, which gave birth to the cryptocurrencies model.

The purpose of Holochain is to enable humans to interact with each other by mutual-consent to a shared set of rules, without relying on any authority to dictate or unilaterally change those rules.

For curious readers, you’ll find a list below for further exploration. You can start by watching the video Holochain Explained Simply (vs blockchain) and follow our Twitter list of Holochain handles to stay with current events and projects.

For a deeper look:

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  2. AcornOak is organizing a one-day session for executives, entrepreneurs and VCs. Contact us for more information.

Finally, a list of some of the more notable Holochain projects can be found below.

Governance & Collaboration

  • COLLABORATION with Economikit is an ecosystem of people working on solutions for a new economy focused on HoloREA framework.

  • GOVERNANCE with Coventina Foundation, which invests capital, nurtures, and accelerates an ecosystem of mission-aligned companies powered by Holochain.

  • HOSTING with Holo, a cloud hosting market for distributed apps

Social Media, Social Networks, & Vendor Links

  • SOCIAL NETWORK with Junto, a new breed of social media powered by Holochain thriving for authenticity.

Sharing Economy & Platform Co-op Apps

  • ENERGY with RedGrid on a mission to provide clean low-cost electricity to all by building the Internet of Energy and fostering a true energy ecosystem.

  • FOOD with JustOne Organics® based on a regenerative agriculture economic engine.

Supply Chain Wins & Social Communities

  • INVESTMENT with SacredCapital building the reputation economy.

  • SHIPPING with HoloSail Technologies is striving to help revolutionize the Global Shipping industry.

  • RIDESHARE by the people, for the people with Arcade City.

  • AVIATION with Aerobloc that will modernise aviation’s antiquated processes.

  • CONTENT with Humm.Earth is a secure, radically adaptable way to create & share content.

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