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Who Are The New Quiet Disruptors?

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Recognizing The Emerging World Shapers

This piece has been co-written by Sue Heatherington.

We recently had the opportunity to listen to Sue Heatherington, author of the book Quiet Disruptors: Creating Change Without Shouting. Her book is a “beautifully written manifesto about the new change-makers: those with the courage to speak softly about things that matter” that inspired us to create a Quiet Disruptor Profile infographic.

In our current stressful and unstable economy, the real impactful progress depends on people who see the world differently and can help us shape the new.

Quiet disruptors are those who change our lives and calmly challenge the way things are, without demanding fame or glory. We all work with quiet disruptors every day who change the way we conduct ourselves and help us uncover opportunities that we might otherwise miss.

When we stop to look, we discover more and more of these quiet disruptors changing the conversation and creating an impact without shouting. And they are everywhere.

On our quest to find more kindred spirits, we asked ourselves what qualities quiet disruptors have in common and who are they.

Unleash The Quiet Disruptor in You

First, Voice Your Truth

Begin by getting to know your own voice and developing it: start by doing the necessary work of exploring your own truth and finding what matters to you.

Second, Find Kindred Spirits

Seek out other people who share your passion for creating change and, find or establish a supportive community.

Here are a few quiet disruptors with whom we crossed paths.

Third, Make Space for New

Unleashing the quiet disruptor in you may mean taking a break from where you are now and moving to a new place, or changing the way you live in your current environment.

Don’t be squeezed into the standard mold, you won’t thrive there.

Finally, we invite you to join Sue Heatherington and Virginie Glaenzer in their own exploration as quiet disruptors. Our small community of marketing disruptors, at AcornOak also invited you to join us in our effort to challenge the status quo in marketing and entrepreneurship.

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