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Valeria Maltoni

Fractional Chief Marketing & Executive Officer

Valeria is a seasoned expert in the corporate world, armed with the ability to create business value and strategic differentiation that yield impressive results. Through her skillful narrative design, she has the remarkable power to transform brands. Her impressive track record includes successfully navigating two acquisitions, orchestrating a merger, establishing profitable joint ventures and partnerships, and crafting enduring products and services.


With three decades of experience working with both emerging and established brands, Valeria leverages the art of storytelling to amplify value, enhance capabilities, and tackle the unique challenges of building a company and leading a team.

Valeria Maltoni

“Let’s get back to the fundamentals of business and marketing – to building businesses that are strong, resilient, and enduring.”


In the vibrant tapestry of any organization, culture thrives from the moment people come together, extending its roots deep into the realm of shared values. It is a living, breathing entity, constantly evolving and shaping the way things are done. Every new member welcomed or departure bid farewell, each office opened or closed, and every market entered or exited leaves an indelible mark on the collective activity and knowledge.


By perceiving culture as a dynamic interplay between the future, past, and present, a company can pinpoint its strengths, address gaps, and craft a compelling narrative that resonates with customers. This approach enables them to forge a powerful connection and create an authentic brand story.



International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)

 Accredited Business Communicator


Villanova University

Marketing Communications


Universita’ di Bologna

Doctor, Linguistics


Since 2015

Founder and Chief Narrative Strategist


PMX Agency

Vice President Digital Strategy


Empathy Lab 

Senior Director Strategy


Brand Strategy & Execution

Narrative & Communication Transformation

Content Innovation & Design

Core Competency

Strategy Innovator

Valeria, a visionary strategy innovator, collaborates with businesses and individuals to revolutionize outdated narratives, enhance organizational culture, and empower them to deliver on their promises with remarkable proficiency.

Story Narrator

As a skilled story narrator, Valeria employs the power of conversation as a tool for sense-making. Through narrative analysis and masterful story design, she weaves tales that illuminate meaning and drive transformative outcomes.

Brand Builder

Recognized as a talented brand builder and visionary, Valeria possesses an extraordinary knack for reframing the value of both tangible assets and people within companies, leading to remarkable transformations in business culture and delivering exceptional results.




Three decades of impressive track record supporting international companies and building brands in dynamic markets. Exceptional ability to align multiple stakeholders, work through obstacles, build momentum, and coach teams.



Years of transformative growth serving diverse start-ups to established billion-dollar brands.



SaaS, IT Infrastructure, Chemical Manufacturing, Food & Agriculture, Consumers Goods, Consulting & Business Services, Travel & Hospitality, Education, just to name key experience.



With 30+ years of experience in the United States combined with being native of Italy and having worked with Italian, French, Swiss German and British companies, Valeria has extensive knowledge and experience in bridging the cultural gap when it comes to establishing a new narrative for thriving business.

Happy Clients

What they're saying

Thank you for being the soul of Liminal…for extracting the essential qualities of this group and giving voice and direction. And, for challenging us to be deeply honest and open with those companies we serve. This thought leadership evidences the big issues we are not scared to tackle. Well done!

Jack Smith, Partner

Liminal Consulting

When our company was rebranding, we had no idea where to begin. We knew that our current product name was not getting people excited about our technology and our business, and we wanted to make a meaningful change. Valeria talked us through several different strategies for rebranding and helped us map out key metrics for success with selecting our new brand. Her advice was invaluable, and we saw the positive effect of our new name immediately. I would highly recommend working with Valeria to create a brand that highlights your company.

Elsa Swanson, Cofounder and CEO


Valeria brings an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge to bear on marketing strategies and systems. I can’t say enough about her ability to create marketing programs that reflect a coherent strategy and deliver great results. Brand innovation, marketing strategy, community building – she can tackle it all and create offerings that deliver for the clients and the agency. It is a pleasure to work with her.

Barbara Frontera, Data & Analytics

Perks Consulting

Valeria has high credibility and trust rating from senior management. Her understanding of the critical role of communication to product success has added tremendous value to the organization. Additionally, her unique ability to act by giving to others growth, development and success makes her a unique and valued advisor and friend.

Faye Patterson Ciccotto

PSA Consultants




This collection of 21 essays provides an in-depth look at how narrative shapes culture, the value of storytelling, and the distinction between story and narrative. The articles are not meant to be lessons. They're more like séances, brief sessions to communicate with the guiding human spirit to make sense of how value transfers from one thing to another to produce socially useful change. We can shape our narrative to transform work, life, and society.

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