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Women lead differently, and AcornOak is recognizing inherently feminine leadership traits in their 2024 Summer Leadership Awards - nominations are open now!

AcornOak is proud to announce the launch of the 2024 Summer Leadership Awards,

New York City, NY – June 4, 2024 – AcornOak is proud to announce the launch of the 2024 Summer Leadership Awards, aimed at recognizing and celebrating the outstanding leadership and contributions of women in various fields. 

These prestigious awards underscore AcornOak’s mission to redefine leadership by integrating feminine qualities such as compassion, collaboration, and community.

Award Categories

  1. The Breakthrough Award: Honoring women who break societal constraints to lead authentically in traditionally male-dominated roles or industries.

  2. The Collective Brilliance Award: Celebrating leaders who build meaningful connections and strengthen affiliations for the collective good.

  3. The Heartfelt Leader Award: Recognizing women who lead with empathy, emotional intelligence, and a blend of strength and sensitivity.

  4. The Visionary Award: Highlighting leaders who foster inclusive, co-created visions for the future.

Nominations and Ceremony

Nominations are open until July 15, 2024, with the winners announced on August 15, 2024.

The awards ceremony will take place in September, celebrating the winners with special features on AcornOak’s platform and opportunities for them to share their insights as guest speakers at community events.

About AcornOak

AcornOak is a certified woman-owned business dedicated to empowering fractional executive women.

At Acornoak, we bring together an elite collective of Fractional Women Executives, each a leader in their field, united in our mission to catalyze your business’s next growth phase.  Our network includes seasoned professionals in roles such as CMO, CTO, CFO, and CHRO, offering their profound expertise to guide your business toward uncharted territories of success.

Through initiatives like the Summer Leadership Awards, AcornOak aims to reshape the narrative of leadership and promote a more inclusive and balanced approach.

For more information and to submit nominations, please visit

AcornOak is committed to celebrating and amplifying the transformative impact of female leaders. Join us in honoring those who lead boldly and break barriers.

Contact: Virginie Glaenzer, virginie at acornoak dot net.

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