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Michelle Page

Fractional Chief  Business Development and Revenue Officer 

With a holistic approach to solving B2B sales organization challenges, Michelle helps clients achieve aggressive revenue goals and overcome complex sales and marketing obstacles.


Business development and lead generation require different skills, strategies, and leadership than other sales roles for optimal success.  Michelle recognizes those differences, builds proper foundations, provides key resources, and facilitates targeted training and coaching programs to ensure long-term, scalable success. 


Every client has unique business challenges and that drives every client engagement. Michelle collaborates with each client to establish goals at the onset with the singular focus of exceeding client expectations. 

"Crafting the right message, establishing best practices

and procedures, and providing the right training and coaching to our sales team today lays the foundation

for predictable future revenue growth,

creating a repeatable and scalable revenue machine.

Michelle Page


Michelle builds people, processes, teams, departments, and revenue. She implements her Sales Hierarchy of Success building and scaling teams and departments using various stages.


  • Precise ICP definition

  • Creative persona-specific messaging

  • Targeted prospecting database development

  • Sales role descriptions and KPIs

  • Compensation plan to reinforce sales-driving activities

  • Best practice processes and procedures

  • Best fit and most appropriate sales tech tools

  • Effective training, coaching and sales leadership training programs 

  • Customer success and referral strategies refined and implemented



University of Georgia - Terry College of Business



John Carroll University

BSBA, Marketing and Management



Windstream Communications

Inside Sales Manager


W.W Grainger

District Sales Manager


Sales & Revenue Growth

B2B Business

Dev & Lead Generation

Sales Training and Coaching

Core Competency

Results-Oriented Entrepreneur

Michelle is a force to be reckoned with! She fearlessly targets markets, devises irresistible strategies to captivate potential clients, and nurtures unbreakable relationships. Her track record speaks for itself – she's a sales strategy wizard, a process optimization guru, and a revenue growth maestro! With Michelle on your side, success is not just a dream, it's an inevitable  reality!

Creates Order 

Out of Chaos

Michelle is a true architect of success! She effortlessly establishes robust structures, identifies best practices tailored to each client's unique needs, and delivers comprehensive documentation to support training, coaching, and reinforcement. With her expertise, the newly created order becomes not just repeatable but scalable, paving the way for boundless growth and achievement!


and Mentor 

Michelle is the driving force behind exceptional sales performance! With her expertise, she crafts cutting-edge training and onboarding programs that set the stage for success. She provides invaluable guidance and feedback, empowering sellers and sales leaders to unleash their true potential, boost confidence, and achieve outstanding and lasting results. 




Over 30 years of experience selling by phone, including 10+ years as an individual contributor and 20+ years as a sales leader.



Michelle has personally trained, coached, and managed over 150 sellers and sales leaders while leading the development of over 550 agents and leaders through her chain of responsibility.



Michelle launched new scalable outbound lead generation channels for seven clients as well as successfully executed turnarounds of $19M and $54M for two different Fortune 500 companies.  



Michelle oversaw performance and quality management for clients utilizing external call centers, listening to calls, providing coaching feedback at the agent, leader, and team levels, and driving performance based on productivity, profitability, and quality.

Happy Customers

What they're saying

We needed more control over our sales outreach efforts and better results than from our offshore provider. With quarterly direct mail campaigns to a highly targeted prospect list, timely and quality follow-up outreach was required. Changing vendors made all the difference –great responsiveness, a solid connection, and the right background. Michelle Page was able to provide a dedicated sales agent with fintech experience who could truly probe prospects, ask the right questions, nurture prospects, and uncover opportunities. After one or two campaigns, we realized we found a true solution. Michelle was able to push past the gatekeepers and provide actionable information we could rely on. Our own salespeople were unable to get the same outstanding results. Our seven-year lead generation engagement with Michelle made a significant difference in our go-to-market strategy, pipeline growth, and sales results. 

Director of Marketing

Fintech - CUSO Core Processor

When we were referred to Michelle Page, we needed to fill a gap between an underperforming inside sales team and a lack of internal coaching resources. We used other sales coaches periodically but wanted consistency and repetition with one-on-one coaching as well as expertise with messaging, team benchmarks, and best practices. Michelle worked with our team over four years and as a result, call activity improved, the quality of sales conversations – and therefore sales results – increased, and utilization of the CRM system was optimized. Our investment in a dedicated coaching and training resource made a significant difference in sales agent engagement and retention for the A and B players, coached up our C players, and naturally worked out the sales agents who were not committed to improvement. The value we realized from Michelle’s engagement paid dividends in multiple areas, with sales coaching being the most impactful. 

VP of Operations

Digital Advertising - National Multi-Family Industry           

Working with Michelle has been an invaluable experience for my career. The training I have received I would equate to earning my PHD as a sales professional. The skills and techniques that she has worked with me on have not only improved my closing ratios but have made me more effective in all areas of the sales role.

What sets Michelle far apart from all other “trainers” is that she not only learns the industry and your prospects but more importantly learns who you are as a sales professional and customizes her approach to your personality rather than force-feeding you some outdated sales clichés.


I am grateful that I have been able to work with Michelle and look forward to continuing my education. 

Inside Sales Representative

 Digital Advertising - National Multi-Family Industry

It is always a pleasure to work with Michelle. She is polished and professional with attention to detail. Michelle successfully built an Inside Sales Organization at FleetCor from the bottom up.

She developed and managed every aspect of the Inside Sales group from hiring to designing mailing to closing the deal with the customers.


The service she provided to our company was exceptional. Michelle is an asset to any employer and hiring her would immediately garner my trust in using their services. 

Director of Call Center Operations - Fintech - Global Payments

Thought Leadership

Hire Your Fractional Executive

Concrete Wall

Strategic Planning: The Secret Sauce to Business Success

Driving revenue and catalyzing growth are at the forefront of most every company's agenda, but achieving aggressive goals are often complicated by an increasingly dynamic business environment and uncertain economy.

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