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Dr. Kruti Lehenbauer

Fractional Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Dr. Kruti Lehenbauer is a professional with a Ph.D. in Political Economy, renowned for her exceptional academic achievements. With a wealth of experience in consulting and economics teaching, she has made her mark as a global influencer in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, economic analysis, and risk assessments for various entities on local, national, and international scales.


Dr. Lehenbauer is recognized as a strategic mastermind, effortlessly deciphering complex data analysis and research to deliver actionable insights. Her prowess extends to crafting reports with captivating visuals, analysis, and presentations that make intricate information easily understandable and actionable for businesses.


As an expert in advanced statistical, survey, and research methods, Dr. Lehenbauer is highly proficient in Excel, Python, and STATA, while showcasing intermediate skills in R for Statistical Analysis. Her exceptional talents and expertise have led to groundbreaking contributions, making her a true trailblazer in the field of economics and research.

- Dr. Kruti Lehenbauer

"Unleash the power of your data

to drive transformative insights

for unparalleled success."


Kruti's prowess as a creative thinker shines through her expertise in Management Science, Advanced Statistics, and Data Analytics. With an innovative approach, she navigates the complexities of these fields, unveiling unique solutions and novel perspectives.


Her ability to creatively blend analytical models and methodologies with cutting-edge concepts allows her to generate actionable insights that drive transformative outcomes.

Kruti's exceptional talent for thinking outside the box makes her a true trailblazer, setting new standards in the realm of data-driven decision-making.



The University of Texas at Dallas

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Public Policy and Political Economy



The University of Texas at Dallas

Master of Science (M.S.), Applied Economics

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Economics and Finance


Since 2011

Premier Insights, Inc. 

Senior Statistician and Economic Consultant


University of the Incarnate Word

Director for BSBA and Full Professor


Data Analytics

Management Science

Advanced statistics

Core Competency


Kruti’s Business Optimization using Large Datasets (BOLD) models can drive businesses towards a more wholesome strategy to maximize the outputs of their resources at the lowest costs in order to improve the bottom lines for all stakeholders including but not limited to customers, employees, and executives of the company.


“How can I run a business? What decisions do I need to make and what can help me make those decisions to ensure the best outcomes?” Armed with an array of powerful tools, Kruti empowers entrepreneurs to conquer challenges, quantify solutions, and seize opportunities in the real world.


Kruti has left a profound influence on numerous individuals throughout her career, empowering them to grasp the potential of data and statistical tools in their professional journeys. Her dedication to coaching extends beyond the classroom, as she guides and supports clients to harness the latent power of numbers within their respective companies.




Over 20 years of experience in economics, risk-modeling, management leadership, and quantitative analysis, all viewed through an innovation-centric lens.



Kruti's academic prowess shines through with 6 authored books, 25 journal articles, and over 30 conference presentations covering areas like business strategy, economics, and quantitative management.



With a remarkable track record, Kruit has led 15 Capstone Simulations with a sizable audience of 1000+ Executive MBA students, showcasing their ability to captivate and engage diverse audiences.



Kruti is highly skilled in utilizing Excel, Python, STATA, Qualtrics for Advanced Statistical, Survey, and Research Methods, along with intermediate proficiency in R for statistical analysis.


Introduction to Management Science

A Stepwise Approach to Basic Models in a Management Toolkit.

Introduction to Business Statistics

A Simple Stepwise Approach to Basic Statistics.

Thought Leadership

Recent Writing

 Navigating Supply Chains in a Post-COVID World: Embracing Technological Solutions



DARE: Pioneering a New Era in Data-Driven Decision-Making

Hire Your Fractional Executive

White Crosses

Having had the privilege of founding and taking two companies through public offering, I can confidently assert that Kruti's external consulting ability brings invaluable and undeniable benefits to individuals, organizations, and companies alike. 

 Kruti’s ability to identify, summarize, present, and implement qualitative and quantitative data is extraordinary.

Without a shadow of doubt, investing in Kruti translates to investing in guaranteed success. Her track record speaks volumes about the proven, impressive, and remarkable assets she brings to the table.


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