We have developed unique innovation workshops that are principle based and enable leaders and change practitioners to fundamentally shift how they think about and approach change organizations.


We offer two types of workshops.


The Group workshop brings 5 participants online through the process of building their marketing strategy.


The innovation workshop is a two hours to full day seminar combining the latest neuroscience discoveries, behavior reprogramming, and philosophy. this seminar transforms the way you and your team see your “reality” and helps break away from our current way of thinking to open our mind to innovative possibilities. 

Your Brand is an experience in the mind of your customers. Let's design it together and create business growth!


Learn for a fraction of the cost from an experienced VP of Marketing and craft your brand marketing strategy to find your unique value and key messaging.


This step-by-step live video group program will allow you to create your own brand marketing strategy while learning from five other small businesses.

Using neuroscience research studies that tap into the motivations behind human behavior, we optimize marketing funnels and shorten sales cycles. 

This workshop triggers personal and business insights.


Prepare yourself to go beyond what you have considered as the truth and feel your brain firing like never before.

Need an Expert Partner?  Rely on us.