Board directors with C-level marketing backgrounds are increasingly important in light of the profound changes of customer preferences evolving to a digital-first mindset, and their expectations anchored on seamless, real-time, integrated, and personalized experiences.

Many boards seek gender diversity, yet among the largest 3,000 largest U.S. publicly traded companies, only one in five board members are women (source: Equilar).

Our mission is to improve outcomes and accelerate gender balance by placing female marketing leaders into corporate boardrooms. 


AcornOak's board candidates serve as brand ambassadors, acting as sounding boards to provide insights on a variety of matters and advocating for your firm's mission.

They bring their deep and vast experience in strategy,  marketing, and customer preferences to their role as a vital member of your board.



By Katherine W. Phillips, October 1st, 2014​

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Meeting Room


Do you have the DNA to be a successful digital-first player?

Building a board for your company is not a task, but a strategy to invest in the future.


Modern boards need directors able to engage in meaningful discussions about the latest technology  innovations and to oversee related expenditures and organizational changes. 

AcornOak board members bring a new type of emotionally intelligent leadership and tech-savvy marketing perspective to adapt and navigate    complex situations.


They are women grounded in social responsibility 

and ethical, mindful stewardship who lead by example, striving to protect your firm's valuable reputation at all times.

Take the next step to invest in your firm’s future by meeting our board-ready candidates.

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