AcornOak Empowers Women to Solve the Job Market Crisis

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How a new business is designing tomorrow’s enterprise today with a novel leadership model architected by women of experience

New York, NY: AcornOak, an organization with a soul, is launching a different and innovative leadership model to empower women to be the visionaries and game changers of the new marketplace.

COVID-19 is just the latest culprit keeping women of experience from employment opportunities. Women have always faced glass ceilings, pay gaps, and the need to explain gaps in their résumés from breaks taken to care for children and elderly parents. Now, the current health crisis has disproportionately affected women and will likely keep highly qualified women in positions where they are either unemployed and underemployed.

AcornOak’s unique business model is a refreshing alternative which offers open ownership in a cooperative community of consultants for experienced women. This hybrid business model combines the distinctly feminine, inclusive, human-centric values of a co-op with the advanced skills and knowledge of an on-demand consultancy firm to provide what today’s marketplace seeks.

“Our mission is to empower women by giving them the tools and framework to be financially independent, conscious, self-authoring leaders who thrive in the future of work unfolding before us,” says Lori Schwebel, Co-founder & Strategic Project Manager.

Grounded in social responsibility and ethical, mindful leadership, AcornOak seeks to co-create with entrepreneurs and SMBs driven by a desire to build transparent, trustworthy, artful, and evolving businesses.

Service packages offer cost-effective solutions to multi-dimensional challenges such as Culture Shift and Social Intelligence Insights. AcornOak’s service packages are delivered by teams of two experts dedicated to each project. The team model promotes synergy and collaboration better than any one individual can do, which better serves the client. Furthermore, teams are encouraged to solicit the collective wisdom of all AcornOak consultants in regular staff meetings, which means every client benefits from the expertise of the AcornOak “tribe.”

This new collaborative framework is about making the conscious decision to embrace our own power instead of waiting for permission from leaders. As a result, we free ourselves to become activists for ourselves, for others, and for our communities,” says Virginie Glaenzer, Co-founder & Strategist Storyteller.

AcornOak’s team members primarily serve as on-demand and interim digital marketing experts, trainers, and advisors, but the community is expanding and now welcomes women with 15+ years of experience in HR, accounting, and other professional services to join their growing movement to provide meaningful business solutions while solving the current job market crisis.

The future belongs to those who can, like curious children at play, trust themselves, collaborate beautifully, and allow themselves to dream again. For curious, compassionate women with a desire to grow, AcornOak is the place to start building a new life. Connect to learn more.

About AcornOak

We are an expert strategic advisory and digital marketing team of tech-savvy, socially responsible women serving as Marketers-for-Hire, Fractional CMOs, Trainers, and Advisors. We help small and mid-size organizations build remarkable brands and seize opportunities for growth and we are expanding to address their HR and accounting needs as well.

Our mission is to empower a collaborative community of experienced women to deliver impactful services to clients by fostering the necessary framework and tools to be financially independent, socially conscious, self-authoring leaders who thrive in the future of work.

AcornOak hosts Pass The Mic Podcast, intellectual discussions where small gatherings of people, with diverse points of view and different experiences, come to the table to discover others and learn something new.

To find out more, visit or contact the podcast moderator, Virginie Glaenzer, at or 718-902-5455.