AcornOak Disrupts the Agency Model

How a diverse array of innovative digital service packages empower organizations to thrive in our disrupted global economy.

New York, NY: AcornOak, a cooperative community powered by women of experience,

is disrupting the traditional agency practice with packaged solutions to perfectly fit current business needs in the wake of recent turmoil.

Established in 2019, AcornOak is a new model of agency supporting business regrowth, remote working, and rethinking traditional business models by helping clients choose an effective combination of expert services to achieve distinct goals.

Today’s economy demands a new type of emotionally intelligent leadership to adapt and navigate complex situations.

Our team supports leaders engaged in discovering the ‘big questions’ that lie at the heart of their organization’s future” adds Co-founder and Content Marketing Editor, Laura Silvius.

AcornOak has four key areas of expertise to benefit firms seeking significant change: Business strategy, Brand awareness, Lead generation, and Creativity and innovation.

Our service packages blend and leverage these strengths for maximum impact on our client’s challenges.

As an example, the Social Intelligence Insights package uses AI and social media to find tribes or micro-niches while training the sales team to become more relevant and build meaningful relationships with their clients.

The Fractional CMO and Culture Shift package guides marketing and executive teams to seek out new ways of doing business, internally and externally, by adopting an agile mindset in response to WFH practices and the vast changes in consumer and business spending.

To provide optimal value for their clients, AcornOak’s packaged solutions are:

  1. Focused: Services are carefully combined to address particular business challenges.

  2. Short-term: 3-to-6 month timeframes adapt to a constantly changing and chaotic market.

  3. Collaborative: An open and co-creative process provides businesses with a chance to learn and retain knowledge within their organization.

  4. Cost-effective: Consulting is typically performed on a part-time basis, an efficient and affordable arrangement for small and mid-sized cost-conscious firms.

Each package is led by a team of two AcornOak experts, a model that empowers women to be the visionaries and game-changers of the new marketplace. Sharing insights and driving ideas in pairs brings synergy and collaboration to every project, which serves clients better.

Additionally, each team is encouraged to draw upon the expertise of the entire AcornOak tribe. In this way, every client has access to the skills and services offered by the community.

Transparency and co-creation are central tenets of AcornOak’s work.

With a deep understanding of customers’ behavior and minds, AcornOak’s unique approach is to value purpose alongside profit.

“Research shows that companies embracing a broader mission — and, importantly, integrating that purpose into their corporate culture — outperform their peers, grow faster, and deliver higher profits. And, that’s where our experienced team comes in,” says Co-founder and Sales Consultant, Kim Huey-Steiner.

Clients attest to the passion and success AcornOak brings to all aspects of their work, and the resulting growth in business and marketing leads.

Nina Boone, Umbrelly Welly Founder & CEO shares: “They brought order and collaboration to a group and in the end we came away with a thoughtful and executable foundation in the way we will look to define our brand, launch our story, and spend our digital dollars.”
“AcornOak has a wide knowledge of online tools and metrics, a highly developed grasp of the elements and process of creating a sales funnel.” says Bill Anderson, Art Guard CEO.

To discuss any of our packages for your business needs, visit the AcornOak website today.

About AcornOak

We are an expert strategic advisory and digital marketing team of tech-savvy, socially responsible women serving as Marketers-for-Hire, Fractional CMOs, Trainers, and Advisors. We help small and mid-size organizations build remarkable brands and seize opportunities for growth and we are expanding to address their HR and accounting needs as well.

Our mission is to empower a collaborative community of experienced women to deliver impactful services to clients by fostering the necessary framework and tools to be financially independent, socially conscious, self-authoring leaders who thrive in the future of work.

AcornOak hosts Pass The Mic Podcast, intellectual discussions where small gatherings of people, with diverse points of view and different experiences, come to the table to discover others and learn something new. To find out more, visit or contact the podcast moderator, Virginie Glaenzer, at or 718-902-5455.