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2023 Reflections

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

How Will We Grow As People & Executives In 2023?

Each new year, as we approach January 1st, the excitement starts to build.

This new year we will hopefully be celebrating change that promises a fresh start in many different ways. After all, it is through change that we grow and unleash our inner beauty.

Sometimes even the smallest change can send us into this frenzy of contemplating how each new step can change our life situation and open a new mindset.

In what areas will you expand your expertise?

What do you want to be known for in 2023?

We’ve asked our members what their plans are to continue to grow as a person and a professional.

In this post, you will discover how some of AcornOak members are looking forward to their own 2023. The future is bright, let's celebrate our potential!

Rúna BOUIUS, Fractional Chief Leadership Officer

My professional focus in 2023 will be on consolidating and simplifying my message on leadership mastery. I will be rolling out new mastermind programs for founders and leaders ready to grow their businesses by growing themselves. They are looking for a more wholistic approach to leading themselves, their teams, and their businesses for greater impact in all areas.

On a personal note, I'm planning to focus more on nurturing my home, family, and friends. As always, my deep commitment to my own inner growth and development will continue.

This year, I will uplevel my mastery level training and strengthen my leadership fitness in all areas to be the grounding support and leadership development guide to those leaders who are curious and courageous enough to want to advance their journey.

Virginie Glaenzer, Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

In 2023, as a fractional CMO, I plan to discover the world of Web 4.0 by exploring AI and ChatGPT, tokenization technologies to further my understanding of DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations) and dive into the economy of abundance.

I believe that technology when used for the greater good has an incredible power to connect people and organizations, creating a more collaborative world.

For my personal growth, I intend to reclaim my time and space. I will remove myself from the news and noisy environments that crowd my schedule. I will also eliminate time-wasters and reclaim my space so that I am free to pursue pursuits that interest me.

After all, when we choose a job that feeds our passions, we will never have to work a day in our lives.

Sonia Cook Broen, Fractional Chief Technologist

2023 will surely be the year of AI. Tech has been getting a ton of bad PR as of late but we will not see the sunset on innovation nor the disentanglement of tech from our daily lives. To this end, I have several passion projects that involve AI and the smart use of AI which I will be focusing on over this coming year.

In my personal life, I am focused on maintaining my center. I have been working with fellow AcornOak member Rúna Bouius through her Evolve Your Identity program.

I will leverage my continued learnings this year and throughout my life as this is groundbreaking personal work which I recommend to anyone serious about aligning themselves with their own truth.

Mindy Anderson, Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

In 2023, as a fractional CMO, I plan to continue to stay on top of digital and marketing best practices and drive consistent profitable growth with a focus on relationship building. I believe resilience, perseverance and an ability to be agile will be necessary to win in 2023.

For my personal growth, I intend to continuously learn and stretch myself everyday, to try things that take me out of my comfort zone and to continuously be an example to my children and husband.

I will dream big and continue to stay true to myself, live with intention and align with people who illustrate good character. I will take time to use my creativity which makes my heart and soul happy and will inevitably raise my vibration in other areas of my life.

Sammi Dittloff, Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

For me, 2023 will be the year of even more data. I’ve always been a data-driven marketer. Long before I was a Fractional CMO, I started my career in an advertising agency with a 5-year stint in analytics. In the new year, I’m planning on kicking my data-driven decision-making into high gear.

I’m currently working on getting certified in the newest version of Google Analytics (GA4). I’m also building a CRM in Notion that will help me learn more about my clients and prospects, therefore helping me serve them better in the years to come.

Every year I choose a focus word, and for 2023, my focus word is “leisure.” As someone who tends to wear many hats, I believe it’s important to take breaks between activities, even if it’s just for a few minutes. When I take the time to recharge, it helps me show up better for my clients and everyone else in my life.


What about you?

Please share in the comment section below what areas you will expand your expertise and what you hope to be known for in 2023.

Secure your fractional executive today!

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