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Hire Your Fractional Executive

Why are people afraid of AI and Chat-GPT and what is hiding behind the fear?

As the podcast host, Virginie Glaenzer paved the way for this conversation with Jean-François Noubel, a researcher in collective intelligence who shares his view on artificial and collective Intelligence.

How Can We Increase Creativity by Rebalancing the Masculine and Feminine Traits Within Us?

Our sixteenth episode discusses the idea of rebalancing our masculinity and femininity to spur creativity.

What is the impact of Holochain technology on our society, businesses and personal lives?

In our eighteenth episode, our guests discuss the Impact of Holochain Technology.

How Can Business Leaders Restore Trust in the Age of Distrust?

In our nineteenth episode, our guests discuss the idea of trust in brands and leaders.

How Could We Use the Holochain to Build a Vegan Economy?

In our twenty one episode, our guest explores the possibilities of a Vegan Holochain Economy.

What New Forms Of Education Are Emerging?

We were honored to welcome our panel of special guests eager to discuss the various emerging opportunities causing the world of education to experience a profound a shift.

When Should You Bring on a Fractional? Timing and Considerations

The rise of fractional work has disrupted traditional corporate hierarchies and opened up new opportunities for both companies and executives.

Artificial intelligent machine and consciousness

In this intimate group setting, the panel will try to understand if AI machines are conscious and what legal rights might they be given in the future.

The New Emerging Leadership Models

In this intimate group setting, the panel will explore  the new leadership models emerging.

Leadership and Co-Creation at Play

Listen as four authors candidly describe their experience and share how they joined this quest to challenge the status quo through the writing of the book, The Leadership Singularity.

Pass The Mic Podcast


We host unusual and unscripted discussion to challenge the status quo. 

We're talking with leaders, thinkers and entrepreneurs who are mindfully letting go the old paradigm,

the patriarchal model, pyramidal economic view of the world to embrace a world of new possibilities. 

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