Our team members primarily serve as on-demand and interim digital marketing experts, trainers, fractional CMOs and executive advisors with a community expanding into HR and accounting.

Fractional CMOs


Virginie Glaenzer

  • Virginie Glaenzer
  • virginie@

Virginie is responsible for designing marketing and sales funnel strategies to drive growth and for helping leaders and teams navigate complexity with confidence and clarity of thought to improve people's lives, maximize their efforts and make their intentions a reality. She has harnessed more than 25 years of experience through consulting work, keynoting and thought leadership.

Virginie has spoken at many conferences such as CX Conferences, Chief Growth Officer Conference, C-Suite Conference, The Marketing Forum and groups interested in change, significance and growth.

She is a seasoned business expert in SaaS and new technologies, who has founded two software start-ups in Silicon Valley and one retail venture in NYC.


Lori Schwebel

  • Lori Schwebel

A seasoned promoter who recognizes that one size does NOT fit all, Lori enjoys collaborating with leaders to translate their visions into insightful, measurable, and actionable marketing. 


As a highly versatile business partner specializing in initiatives that deliver growth, Lori focuses on product launch, market expansion, and events that enable organizations to achieve key objectives.

Whether creating a brand for a new business, introducing a sales/CRM or Customer Success Management system, or writing content for websites, newsletters, blogs and advertising campaigns, she is dedicated to helping organizations thrive. Implementing change in dynamic environments is her sweet spot.

Sharon Lewis Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Sharon Lewis

  • Sharon Lewis

As a market strategist, Sharon is great at uncovering target market needs to create go-to-market strategies that deliver customer relevancy, an outstanding customer journey and bottom-line revenues.


Sharon has deep experience in retail, financial services, healthcare and non-profit sectors, and her brand experience includes Citibank, Saks Fifth Avenue, American Express, Scotiabank and AARP.


What Sharon enjoys most about serving clients: "Learning opportunities are everywhere and the transferability of best practices across industries and cultures is limited only by one’s imagination. Together, this allows us to uncover new ways to use the product/service offerings and new messaging opportunities to grow the prospect base.”

leslie cohen.jpeg

Leslie Cohen

  • Leslie Cohen

Leslie Cohen has a wealth of experience bringing ideas and companies to life and to market - as General Manager, COO, Product Development Executive with hands-on and advisory experience leading new or evolving companies and tech start-ups from concept to market.


She has a deep understanding of business foundations as well as market, product and business development functions.

She collaborates with founders to build out their business strategy, and create roadmap and execution plans supporting products development, go-to-market plans, operations and business development, and identifying and expanding customer bases.

She currently serves as Advisory Board Member for companies in Retail Tech, Consumer Products, Wellness, and Branding.


Livia Marotta

  • Livia E. Marotta

Livia has led the successful brand turnaround and transition to cutting-edge, high-growth communications strategies of a few brands within LVMH (Bulgari and TAG Heuer), Swarovski and Luxottica (Ray-Ban, Persol and all licensed brands) in North America.

Over the years, she’s become known for many innovative marketing firsts, brand-building ideas and her expertise in creating high value perceptions for brands, products and services. Moreover, as a brand communications transformational expert, her expertise encompasses building Thought Leadership platforms for emerging companies, traditional brands and CEOs. She helps founders identify their key attributes to successfully position their companies in the media to attract investors and partners.

Livia brings both U.S. and global cross-border management experience and has helped several international companies assess the potential of the US market place and devise the most appropriate business strategies.

Livia serves on the Board of Directors of the Accessories Council of America and is a mentor with the Accenture-sponsored technology innovation lab, XRC, among others.

Our Community


Yuraimi Abreu

Senior Product and Growth Marketing Manager

  • Yuraimi Abreu

Yuraimi is a seasoned digital marketing leader with 15 years of Digital Marketing, AdTech, and Business Consulting experience. 

She has in-depth expertise developing integrated performance marketing campaigns focused on high return on investment for some of the largest brands globally including GEICO, Capital One, Toyota and Mattel.

She is the Founder of Amarelo Digital, a digital consultancy on a mission to transform the companies of today into growth engines of the future, through personalization, automation, and design thinking.

Prior to venturing out on her own,

Yuraimi owned the Go-To-Market for the Global Deloitte & Facebook Alliance. A first of its kind digital alliance bridging the gap between large tech giants, global consultancies and the brands that depend on them for the future of business.

Laura Silvius_023bw_F (1).jpg

Laura Silvius

Senior Strategic Writer

  • Tracey McArdle

Laura is an experienced writer and editor with 15 years of content creation and project management experience.


She holds an advanced degree in communications and has created content across media and platforms for different channels, audiences, and industries. 


On top of Laura's vast portfolio of writing and editing jobs, her experience include program management and coordination, marketing and business development, social media, and graphic and layout design.


Darcy Petry

Senior Technical  Professional

  • Darcy Petry

Darcy is a seasoned strategist who develops client relationships that promote retention and loyalty.


Her unique blend of strong technical and soft skills enabled her to assume critical roles as a Developer, Project Manager, Team Leader, and Client Success Manager for a large international technical support team, where she worked for over 25 years.


Darcy leverages experience in implementation protocol development, building and managing training teams, and assisting sales. Her management background empowers her to effectively lead end-users and work effectively and cross-functionally lead within all levels of management and C-level executives.


Kim Huey-Steiner

Senior Recruiter

  • Kim Steiner

Kim is an accomplished executive with experience ranging  from magazine publishing to digital media sales. She has expertise and a breadth of contacts in the CPG and retail categories on both the client and agency sides.


Kim’s sales and leadership roles at Triad Retail Media and Valassis Digital (formerly Maxpoint) complemented her advertising skills with an in-depth knowledge of data-driven marketing and measurement. 

Her sales and management responsibilities have focused on forging strategic partnerships directly with senior-level decision makers that drive business beyond traditional media buys. Reporting directly to CEOs, CTOs, and company Presidents, Kim developed product road maps, managed sales, oversaw marketing, and trained teams to sell multi-channel programs and sponsorships.

Kim is a sales and marketing expert whose achievements in sales have been recognized with multiple companies and industry awards. 

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Emily Klein 

Enterprise Transformation

  • Emily Klein
  • @eakboston

Emily Klein is an accomplished leader who has worked at the intersection of strategy, operations, marketing and business development with enterprise, mid-market and start-up firms.


Emily has helped many organizations achieve success by designing comprehensive strategic initiatives that operationalize efficiencies, solidify partnerships and deploy digital marketing and business development strategies that enable corporate  growth.


As an author, writer and executive coach, Emily has presented on topics including: mobile and flexible workplaces, workforce trends, enterprise collaboration tools, workspace redesign, managing complex change, advancing women leaders and integrative health and wellness.

She is a co-author of Workshift: Future-Proof Your Organization for the 21st Century  (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

anna Seroff_edited.jpg

Anna Seroff

Senior Researcher 

Anna’s strengths are her creative and analytical skills. Anna lives in New York City and studied Art History.


She worked in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and had an extensive exposure to the digital world.  Data research and creating target writing are Anna’s interests. Anna views art and the science of marketing as primary visual communicators.


To gain the competitive advantage, Anna strongly believes all facets of innovation in digital communication should be considered as potential target funnels to the desired audience. Social awareness, as well as, self-awareness are two facets of mindfulness one needs to retain to identify where market can lead the customer.

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” — Pablo Picasso

thumbnail_Robbi Muir_-2019-2B&W.jpg

Robbi Muir

Graphic Designer

  • Robbi Muir

Robbi is a highly skilled graphic designer who creates brands that engage and emotionally connect with people, by providing innovative creative thinking and a dedication to graphics, color and craft. She is a seasoned professional in designing identity, capability brochures, corporate communications, web design and advertising. 


Since 1995 she has been creative lead of her own graphic design studio designing for companies to increase awareness and sales by aligning strategy, design and technology. In her experience in corporate branding, she has developed a passion about a brand’s significance and power. She loves working with entrepreneurs in the early stages of their branding development. 

With more than 25 years of experience designing for businesses across multiple industries: financial, corporate, AEC, publishing and luxury real estate, she has also worked with American Express, Ogilvy Direct and Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal as a creative director on specific design projects.. 

In her early career she was Creative Director at a New York agency specialized in commercial real estate advertising and marketing.  Certified Business in NYC.

Waterside Women


We’re entrepreneurs - so we relate.  


We understand the challenges you face when it comes to finding the time and resources to focus on promoting your business.

That’s why we offer a full range of service options to suit your needs and budget.

We're passionate - so we help.

We feel a desire to help you improve your life and the ones of your employees and customers, we wake up in the morning with passion in our hearts and ideas in our heads and we try our very best to live by three core values: curiosity, creativity, and compassion.

We're experienced - so we are efficient.

Our team is composed of women of experience.


Social responsibility is at our core. Our mission is to do more than just make a profit.  We’re also in business to make the world a better place. 

Envisioning a Gender-Balanced World

  • We invest in the development of our female employees at both ends of the experience spectrum to create a more gender-balanced business world.

Taking a Stand for Mother Earth

  • We lower our impact on the environment by using shared office space near mass transit. 

  • We choose electronic communications over paper and video conferencing instead of air travel to reduce our carbon footprint and conserve natural resources. Looking at what others do can help you start.

Combating Economic Inequality

  • We've created low-cost, online classes and webinars to empower those who cannot afford our standard services.

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