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This book is a collective endeavor that began with two cries for change:

  1. In a digital world the practices of marketing and leadership are critically and inextricably linked. Why are they so often separated?

  2. A fundamentally different mindset and approach to business is vital if the world is to make progress and provide a sustained future for our species. Who will pick up the baton?

As a result, we demand a very different set of accountabilities for leaders. What we superficially call ‘marketing’ and ‘leadership’ must be completely redefined.

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Why another book?

We wanted to combine the thoughts that united us. This book allowed us to put our thinking to the test on the biggest challenges we all recognized.


What was the single most powerful thing that brought us together? 

We realized the nature and magnitude of our global problems required socially responsible businesses to solve. They have to the power to address the root causes, by thinking and working differently and at scale. This means a complete shift for everyday decisions. 

It Took Four Authors

It all started as a blog by author Virginie Glaenzer, that turned into a tweet, that got a comment, that brought together four strangers from completely different backgrounds.

This happened just weeks before the worldwide COVID-19 virus drastically changed everything. It altered our humanity, how we conduct trade, where and how we obtain resources, how we market and sell our businesses, and what it means to be in leadership. 


Virginie Glaenzer

Story Sense-Maker

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Patrick Novak


Trident Strategies

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John Caswell

Making People Think

Group Partners

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Jonathan Cook


Commercial Cultures

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Special Thanks to:

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Robbi Muir


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Ameena Layous


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We believe we need a global coalition of new business leaders. They have access to the global markets and, unlike politicians, they can build trust and inspire much more confidence. 

They can bring ethics to commerce and morality to society. They can shape what it means to operate with dignity. They can raise standards in the ways they communicate with their audiences. They can bring humanity to the communities they serve. They do it by being inspirational leaders and embracing innovation across all the processes - in short - marketing leadership.

“Leadership Singularity exposes the failure of current marketing and leadership practices. We remove the scaffolding of an obsolete system. A system that, for far too long, has served the few. An unjust operating philosophy that doesn’t promote sustainability and one that has driven us to search for more pervasive, persistent, and scalable solutions.”

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How Do We Change?

The Vision

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We see a world where Leadership and Marketing are indistinguishable because they are the same. A singularity brought to life through a style of business thinking so essential that it bridges isolated thinking and often deliberately separate practices.   

We explain the future for such singularity from a number of perspectives and from practical experiences. We believe it really will save the world.


The Content


Leadership Singularity covers a lot of ground.

It takes you from Five Practical Approaches you can apply straight away to the Fundamental Principles that will make you stop, think, ask better questions, and reimagine your role as leader/marketer for a better future for us all.    

Chapter 1: What is this Experiment​?

Chapter 2: Who is the enemy?

Chapter 3: What brought us here?

Chapter 4: What are the new ideas?

Chapter 5: Emerging strategies

Chapter 6: Who are the co-authors?

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Book Leadership Singularity

The Illustrations


Listen to the Discussion

This experiment in co-creation required each individual to step outside their comfort zone and embrace not knowing the answers, much less each other to constructively help others bring forth their own collective knowledge.


It involved letting go of control and embracing rejection as a core principle of collaboration.

Listen as these four authors candidly describe their experience and share how they joined this quest to challenge the status quo in marketing and leadership practices.

What Readers Say

"Leadership Singularity sets out the case for the need for new models of corporate leadership and advocates for leaders who champion humane values, the environment, and creativity."

"CEOs, C-Suite Executives, Managers, and Leaders please take note. A new model for leadership is desperately needed. Leadership Singularity presents an insightful, new model for leadership and humanity."

"I am encouraged by seeing many conversations break out about how we are going to tackle this hard thing. Leadership Singularity will be a great resource for us all to use."