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We are here to help you gain a strategic understanding of your brand positioning and unique value from your customers' perspective. 
We start with a discussion to clarify your challenges and most pressing short-term goals. Then, through a deep understanding of the human mind and customers’ behaviors, supported by neuroscience research studies, we adapt our innovative step-by-step process to your business specificities to launch your brand, increase your brand awareness, and build business growth.
We act as your outsourced VP of Marketing and digital marketer 1 to 3 days per week or on a per-project basis.
Here are examples of digital strategies that can support your business growth. 
1- Full brand architecture with customer interviews to clarify and identify your perceived value in the noisy marketplace
2- Brand realignment to stay current with changing customer expectations and  the competitive environment
3- Digital transformation from the inside out, we provide Innovation workshops
1- Social media engagement 
2- Event/Webinar outreach
3- Content strategy & implementation 
1- CRM funnel
2- Social selling
3- Email campaign and landing pages
4- Account-based marketing tactics


We’re entrepreneurs - so we relate.  


We understand the challenges you face when it comes to finding the time and resources to focus on promoting your business.


That’s why we offer a full range of service options to suit your needs and budget.

We're passionate - so we help.

We feel a desire to help you improve your life and the ones of your employees and customers, we wake up in the morning with passion in our hearts and ideas in our heads and we try our very best to live by three core values: curiosity, creativity, and compassion.

We're experienced - so we are efficient.

Our team is composed of women of experience.


Social responsibility is at our core. Our mission is to do more than just make a profit.  We’re also in business to make the world a better place. 

Envisioning a Gender-Balanced World

  • We invest in the development of our female employees at both ends of the experience spectrum to create a more gender-balanced business world.

Taking a Stand for Mother Earth

  • We lower our impact on the environment by using shared office space near mass transit. 

  • We choose electronic communications over paper and video conferencing instead of air travel to reduce our carbon footprint and conserve natural resources. Looking at what others do can help you start.

Combating Economic Inequality

  • We've created low-cost, online classes and webinars to empower those who cannot afford our standard services.

Virginie Glaenzer

Virginie is an experienced Marketing leader, digital evangelist, marketing technologist, and innovative thought leader with 20+ years of industry experience, specializing in converging marketing (digital & offline), technology, and innovation strategies to deliver connected and omnichannel customer experiences that inspire customer behavior and drive top-line growth and maximize ROI.

She is a seasoned business expert in SaaS and new technologies, who has founded two software start-ups in Silicon Valley and one retail venture in NYC.

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Lori Schwebel

Lori is a seasoned promoter who recognizes that one size does NOT fit all and designs innovative marketing tools for multiple distribution channels that enhance sales while satisfying regulatory requirements, system parameters, and corporate marketing guidelines.


She develops effective brands for affiliate entities and products and delivers carefully crafted value propositions through print, online, and social media, and press releases.

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