Your Brand is an experience in the mind of your customers. Let's design it together and create business growth!


Learn for a fraction of the cost from an experienced VP of Marketing and craft your brand marketing strategy to find your unique value and key messaging.



This step-by-step live video group program will allow you to create your own brand marketing strategy while learning from five other small businesses.




After the program, you will be able to:

  1. Articulate your brand story in a clear way

  2. Gain clarity on your brand market positioning, key differentiation, and brand value

  3. Discover a new way to gain traction when building your brand in our 2019 crowded and noisy marketplace

  4. Learn marketing techniques and acquire a growth marketing mindset

  5. Discover new marketing tools and processes

  6. Create a collaborative mindset if you are attending with your team

  7. Unleash your creative mind

  8. Use your brand marketing strategy to kick-start digital campaigns


In a unique step-by-step and proven framework, you will be guided in the creation of your individual four-page brand architecture document which will answer the following questions:

  1. What are the core values of your organization?

  2. What is your brand positioning that describes the strategic advantage your business entity has over its rival entities within its competitive industry?

  3. What are your brand’s functional and emotional benefits? Emotional benefits add richness and depth to owning and using the brand.

  4. What is your audience persona and customer segment using demographic and behavioral data?

who is it for?

Entrepreneurs or Freelancers

You’re launching your own business but you are not a digital marketer and you know that you need to get the word out to build your business.

Individual with Untapped Potential

You want to start something but you are not sure where to begin. 

what can you expect?

A Brand Marketing Strategy is the foundation of your marketing strategy and will lead you to identify the best marketing campaigns to drive business growth.


In this online group program, your Vice-President of Digital Marketing, Virginie Glaenzer will guide you through a step-by-step process and framework with individual homework that helps you gain a strategic understanding of your brand positioning and unique value from your customers' perspective and the various market opportunities available in order to grow your business.

what will you work on?

Session One:

Competitors research,

Keywords analysis, Credibility, Core value, and Brand positioning


Session Two:

Functional benefits, emotional benefits, personality and audience


Session Three:

Company vision, business classification


Session Four:

Mission statement, tag line, and brand positioning


Duration: 2 weeks


Format: 2 weekly Zoom group meetings from noon to 2 PM ET.


Commitment: This course was created for committed individuals.

The online workshop is organized in 4 zoom group meetings which will require you to work about 2 hours of work for each session to build your own Brand Marketing Strategy.

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Cost: a one-time fee of $490 per seat for four sessions.

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